Guitar: dream book. Why dream of a broken guitar, a children's guitar, playing the guitar?

People often think about interpreting a vision when in their nightly dreams they notice a musical instrument such as a guitar. Dream Interpretation - this is the book that will help a person find the meaning of his dream. But in order to determine exactly what meaning it carries, it will be necessary to recall the plot. And turn to several dream books - after all, there are a lot of them.

Universal interpreter

If a person sees himself sitting down to play the guitar in a dream, then this can mean a lot. Did it have 12 strings? This means he made the wrong choice in his life. Usually this interpretation concerns personal life. Most likely, the dreamer is now not with the one he loves.

Hearing someone else play a melody on a 12-string instrument, and out of tune, means an opportunity will appear in life, taking advantage of which will change your life. But this will not happen soon.

If a person sees how someone stranger sat down to play the guitar for him in a dream, and he became very good at it, this means reconciliation with loved ones. But to see yourself plucking the strings for your own pleasure is a sign of a visit or a pleasant meeting.

Essential Tools for Home Repairs

Of course, you need special guitar tools for repairs. Here are the most basic things you will need for home repairs:

  • Screwdriver Set
  • Hex key set
  • Epoxy adhesive
  • Sandpaper
  • Ruler and tape measure for measurements
  • File
  • Chisel
  • Wire cutters

Depending on the task you face, the set may change either up or down.

Interpretation for girls

If a woman dreams of a man singing serenades to her while playing the guitar, then career growth will soon await her. But! Only if she liked the music. In the opposite case, the dreamer will have rivals, and quite strong ones at that. She will have to fight not only with them, but also with obstacles that they may not hesitate to organize for her.

If a girl sees herself playing the bass guitar in a dream, then she will soon receive an indecent proposal. Moreover, the person who does it will be very persistent. Even annoying. He will not spare anything to achieve his goal (agreement to the notorious proposal) - neither money, nor time, nor his own efforts. The girl will have to be persistent herself in order to get rid of this person. And if you want to avoid such a situation altogether, you will have to practically not appear anywhere in the near future, and reduce any communication to a minimum.

But that’s not all that a bass guitar can dream about. The dream book says: if a girl saw a quartet playing some modern tune, and this instrument caught her eye, it means that she stopped taking care of herself. And not only in terms of appearance. Most likely, someone gained power over her.

Acoustic guitar repair

How to adjust string height

The main problem with adjusting string height on an acoustic guitar is the lack of a bridge. On non-electric instruments, there are several ways to solve the problem of too much or too little distance between the strings and the fingerboard:

  1. Loosen or strengthen the neck anchor.
  2. Change guitar nut
  3. If the strings are too high, you can try sanding the grooves in the nut. To do this, remove the strings and sand the indentations with fine-grit sandpaper.

How to change the threshold

To change guitar saddles, you will need:

  1. Remove the strings from the instrument.
  2. Use any sharp object - a knife or chisel - to remove the old sill.
  3. Prepare a new one for installation - take all measurements, removing excess if necessary. You can refer to the old part as you do this.
  4. Place the threshold on superglue and wait until it dries.
  5. Pull the strings.

If you are dealing with a blank for a threshold, then when taking measurements you can focus on the following values:

  • Threshold thickness – 6-7 mm
  • Height – thickness of the lining, plus 2.5 mm.
  • The distance between the recesses is 0.1 cm.

How to replace guitar tuners

It’s worth saying right away that guitar pegs need to be replaced as a whole set, and not one at a time.

  1. Choose the right model of pegs.
  2. Remove all old kit.
  3. If your pegs are not secured with screws, insert them into the holes left over from the old set.
  4. If necessary, drill additional holes for screws.
  5. Place the pegs on the neck and secure them to the head of the guitar.

Fret sanding

Sanding the frets is the simplest process. Run your palm along the edge of the fingerboard. If you feel like your hand is catching on the frets, use a small file or nail file to work the protruding parts until you no longer feel like they are protruding beyond the frets.

Replacing Frets

This procedure for repairing an acoustic guitar will require some skill, but if done carefully, it can be done without problems at home.

  1. Separate the fret varnish from the fret varnish.
  2. Remove the frets. To do this you will need wire cutters or a special fret removal tool. This must be done very carefully so as not to damage the lining.
  3. Prepare the new kit you are going to install.
  4. Clean out the indentations that appear after removing the old kit.
  5. Insert new frets using a mallet or special hammer.
  6. Sand the sides of the frets so they don't protrude beyond the neck.

Elimination of cracks in the lining

In order to do this, you will need dust from the wood from which the trim is made. You can buy it in special stores.

  1. Remove the strings from the guitar.
  2. Moisten the guitar pickguard and wait for the crack to open a little more.
  3. Fill the crack with dust and cover it with superglue. Wait for it to dry.
  4. Clean the repair area with sandpaper.

Please note that you should first process the overlay with paper with a large grain, and then reduce its size. The crack will gradually disappear as you sand.

Miller's Dream Book

This book of interpretations can also tell a lot of interesting things about what a guitar means in dreams. If the dreamer saw this instrument in his hands, then in real life he will soon find himself in a new, interesting society. And maybe he will meet his love.

If a young girl dreams of a broken guitar with broken strings, this is not good. Her love affairs and relationships will end in tears and sadness. The sound of a guitar coming from a distance is considered a bad sign. If you dreamed about this, then in the near future a person will have to confront insincerity, rumors and gossip.

According to Freud

When a person sees himself playing this instrument in a dream, he may not worry. The sign is good. Soon he will meet his love. And if the dreamer is already in a relationship, then, most likely, the other half is preparing some kind of romantic surprise.

Hearing someone else pluck the strings, or witnessing it, is a source of envy. Most likely, the dreamer experiences this feeling in relation to one of his friends. Maybe his personal life is not as successful as his comrades. Or at work, not everything is going as smoothly as we would like. Or he is not satisfied with his intimate life. In this case, the dream book advises not to envy, but to forge your own happiness.

According to Tsvetkov

A lot has been said above about what a guitar means in dreams. Tsvetkov’s dream book, for example, assures that seeing this instrument in a dream is a sign of an unsuccessful attempt to make peace with someone close to you. But playing it means committing a certain act, which will subsequently bring fame to the dreamer. Listening to music played on the guitar and realizing that it does not bring pleasure is a sign of dissatisfaction with your situation in reality. But a pleasant composition, on the contrary, promises a fun pastime. But if the guitar hangs alone on the wall, then a sad time is coming.

Standard problems

Fingerboard curvature

The most common problem. This happens due to weather conditions and climate - the wood of the guitar becomes deformed and the neck can become warped, which interferes with playability. We talked about this problem in detail in the article on adjusting the anchor, and we will not focus on it.

Damage to the sill

Over time, any guitar saddle becomes unusable. They can wear off or simply break due to microcracks. In any case, such a defect does not allow you to play the instrument, and it must be eliminated.

Damage to the pegs

Another reason for guitar repair is broken tuners. Due to their damage, the guitar no longer stays in tune, and you will have to constantly adjust the instrument in order for it to sound at least somehow.

Frets protrude beyond the neck

Not exactly a breakdown, however, an important aspect that should be eliminated as soon as possible. The problem is common with factory guitars, where the frets may protrude slightly from the side of the neck. This can lead to discomfort when moving on it, as well as scratches and unpleasant sensations when playing.

Cracks in the deck

A serious problem that not only degrades the appearance of the instrument, but also affects the sound. Chips and cracks usually appear at the corners of the body, where the guitar is most vulnerable to external influences.

High or low string height

This problem is more likely a consequence of changing the deflection of the guitar neck or installing the wrong saddles on the instrument. The height of the strings is an important aspect that greatly affects the comfort of playing; it must be monitored and, if necessary, adjusted.

Worn down frets

Prolonged contact with the strings can cause your frets to wear down. This will also cause the instrument to stop building and sounding the way it should. In order to fix this, you need to replace the old frets with new ones.

Crack in fingerboard

A serious problem that occurs due to mechanical damage or natural stress on the guitar neck - for example, the wood has dried out too much. However, it can be fixed by repairing your guitar at home.

Dream book of lovers

A guitar in a dream, according to this book of interpretations, is a good sign. Usually such a vision promises acquaintance with many interesting people, among whom the dreamer can meet his love. But if a girl hears the sounds of a guitar coming from somewhere far away, then she needs to be more careful and attentive. Most likely, the one with whom she is currently in a relationship is deceiving her. Or behaves hypocritically. It is likely that he does not have sincere intentions, but simply some selfish goals. The girl herself must think about what this person might want from her.

But if such a dream appeared to a man in the night, he will not have anything serious planned in the near future. But there will be intrigues.

Playing an instrument out of tune is considered a bad sign. This usually means that someone is trying to get into a person’s personal life, and in a very rude manner. To avoid this, you should be less trusting and, in some cases, even friendly. If the string breaks during the game, a dark streak will come in life. Quite often these dreams symbolize a break with a loved one. If the dreamer began to tune the guitar or is trying to fix a broken one, then in real life it would not hurt him to put his thoughts in order.

Seeing a Guitar: dream book of O. Adaskina

Guitar - A dream in which you do not see a guitar, but hear its pleasant sounds, means that soon they will try to very skillfully entangle you with flattery. Flatterers will pursue the most base goals, so you should be careful. Also, such a dream may mean that your frivolity will push you into the arms of a person with whom it will be quite difficult to break up peacefully. You will have to endure a lot of humiliation and disappointment, lose the necessary connections and the affection of respected people, before you can free yourself from the shackles.

Guitar - For women only - It is quite unpleasant if a young girl or a young widow sees a guitar - for them it means that they will indulge in immoderate amusements, which as a result will cast a shadow on their reputation.

A woman who sees a guitar with broken strings in her dream should seriously consider whether she is on the right path. It is possible that the inability to curb her desires will result in a great tragedy for her. If she doesn’t come to her senses, then she should say goodbye to all her cherished desires.

Combined dream book

This book of interpretations assures: a beautiful guitar is a symbol of a fun pastime. If a family man dreams about it, then harmony and tranquility will reign in his house. But to see a broken guitar means unrequited love.

If a girl hears sounds coming from afar, it means that in real life she will have to resist persuasion and flattery in order to avoid the temptation to which she is being tempted. Otherwise it won't end well. If such a vision appeared to a man, then he needs to be wary and be more restrained in the near future. Because, most likely, a seductive woman will appear in his life, because of whom he will lose his head. And this will affect his work and productivity.

Masterly playing the bass guitar also does not bode well. But only gossip, envy and rumors, with which the dreamer’s person will be shrouded very carefully. And if a person bought such an instrument, it means that in the near future he will have to make some serious choice or make a responsible decision.

Broken or broken guitar

The dream book explains in a very interesting way the vision in which such an instrument appeared. So, if a person sees himself playing tunes on a broken or out of tune guitar, this is not good. A series of unpleasant, unplanned events will unsettle him, and for a long time. If the dreamer was a girl, then she should prepare for emotional distress and suffering.

When a person suddenly discovers a broken guitar, you should worry about your health. Perhaps the dreamer suffers from some kind of illness. You should definitely consult a doctor if you have already had any alarm bells.

When a person sees himself furiously breaking a guitar in a dream, this means a scandal. But finding an instrument lying on the floor or ground in a condition that cannot be restored is a sign of trouble and hassle.

It happens that in a dream a person sees himself buying a broken guitar. Then in real life he should be wary of fleeting connections. And also, most likely, his short-lived joy, which arose as a result of some pleasant event, will be replaced by long-term sadness.

Other interpretations

If a person dreams of a children’s guitar, then to correctly interpret the vision, you need to remember all the details. If he saw a child holding it in his hands and clumsily trying to pluck the strings, then this is not good. Most likely, the person will find himself in some difficult situation. It is possible that this will be work related. Maybe the dreamer was entrusted with a certain important task, and he forgot to complete it. Then you will have to make excuses and write an explanation. In general, it is advisable to concentrate on your professional activities in the near future.

And one last interesting nuance. It happens that people dream of another vision in which a children's guitar appears. Or to be more precise, a ukulele. This is the name of a small ukulele. And if a person dreams of her, it means that he will soon fall in love. And if the dreamer is already in a relationship, then a new romantic stage will begin for him and his significant other.

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