“Why do you dream about snow? If you see Snow in a dream, what does it mean?

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  • Type of snow
  • Actions of snow
  • What does a person's actions with snow mean?
  • Where was the snow in the dream?
  • How did the snow fall?
  • Snow amount
  • What time of year did it snow?
  • Interpretation from dream books
      Miller's Dream Book
  • Freud's Dream Book
  • Dream Interpretation of Hasse
  • Vanga's Dream Book
  • Dream Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima
  • Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus
  • Dream Interpretation Meneghetti
  • Dream Interpretation Veles
  • Aesop's Dream Book
  • Spring dream book
  • Summer dream book
  • Autumn dream book
  • Assyrian dream book
  • Dream Interpretation Taylor Joules
  • Modern dream book for 365 days
  • Family dream book
  • Dream book of Simeon Prozorov
  • Dream Interpretation of the New Era
  • Ukrainian dream book Dmitrienko
  • Dream Interpretation of Simon Kananita
  • Dream Interpretation of Fedorovskaya
  • Azar's Dream Book
  • Esoteric dream book
  • Modern dream book of N. Stepanova
  • Dream Book of Schiller-Schoolboy
  • Dream Interpretation of Catherine the Great
  • Dream book of healer Akulina
  • Love dream book
  • English dream book
  • Dream Interpretation of the Yellow Emperor
  • Dream Interpretation of Artemidor
  • Phoebe's Great Dream Book
  • Ancient Russian dream book
  • Dream Interpretation of E. Erickson
  • Magic dream book
  • Universal dream book
  • Dream interpretation-horoscope
  • Dream book of the 21st century
  • Dream book of lovers
  • Dream book of health
  • Dream book for a bitch
  • Modern combined dream book
  • Eastern women's dream book
  • Dream interpretation of birthday people in May, June, July, August
  • Dream interpretation of birthday people of September, October, December
  • Dream interpretation of birthday people of January, February, March, April
  • General dream book
  • Dream Interpretation of Denise Lynn
  • Dream Book of the Wanderer
  • Italian psychoanalytic dream book by A. Roberti
  • Dream book of a gypsy
  • Lunar dream book
  • Children's dream book
  • French dream book
  • Longo's Dream Interpretation
  • New dream book 1918
  • Chinese dream book of Zhou Gong
  • Culinary dream book
  • Dream Interpretation of Evgeniy Tsvetkov
  • Islamic dream book
  • Dream Interpretation of Karatov
  • Lewis's Dream Book
  • Pastor Loff's Dream Book
  • Idiomatic dream book
  • You dreamed of snow and you want to know what this dream is about. The dream portends good things, or, on the contrary, warns of danger. Let's try to figure it out.

    Who dreamed of snow?

    The meaning of the dream changes depending on who saw the snow:

    To a woman

    • for a married woman - a favorable dream, for material wealth and well-being.
    • for an unmarried girl - a quick meeting with her future husband.
    • for a pregnant woman - to an easy birth without complications.
    • for the bride on the eve of the wedding - a good sign. You are creating a strong family.

    To a man

    • single - to a new romantic relationship.
    • for a married person - success at work, promotion, new opportunities.

    TOP 10 negative meanings of sleep

    What did you dream about?Decoding the dream
    Dirty snowTo the period of troubles and losses
    SmallTo a serious illness
    WetTo the appearance of an enemy in close proximity
    Fall into the snowTo stagnation in business
    Drowning in itTo the visit of an unpleasant person
    Clean it upRegrets about missed opportunities
    crawl on itTo problems due to frivolity
    See the snow meltTo deception on the part of a business partner
    Came down from the mountainTo unplanned expenses
    Snow in the houseTo a quarrel with a close friend

    Type of snow

    The color and condition of the snow is of great importance:

    • White snow - expect the best changes; the dream promises great benefits.
    • Red snow - career advancement.
    • Black snow - be careful, you are in danger.
    • Yellow snow - win.
    • Golden snow - to increase material wealth.
    • Pink snow is a reward.
    • Blue snow is a long-awaited recovery.
    • Purple snow - creative inspiration.
    • Iridescent snow - romantic relationships.
    • Clean snow is a great joy.
    • Dirty snow means illness.
    • Fluffy snow is good.
    • The first snow - love adventures.
    • Wet snow - some troubles will arise.
    • Deep snow - you will be absorbed in new romantic relationships.
    • Falling snow is a series of pleasant events, success in all areas of life.
    • Brilliant - you will be the center of attention.
    • Salty - to tears.
    • Gorky - minor difficulties.
    • Large snow means gain, gain.
    • Warm snow - they have tender feelings for you, love.
    • Cold snow - stability, calm life.
    • Prickly snow - envy.
    • Melting snow - you will solve all your problems.
    • Snow and rain are obstacles on the way to your goal.
    • Melted snow - the emergence of warm feelings for someone.
    • Artificial snow is a far-fetched problem.

    Interpretation of dreams with bare feet walking in the snow

    1. Walking into a snowstorm with bare feet is a sign of disappointment about an unfulfilled dream.
    2. Walking barefoot and hearing the crackling sound of the snow means your colleagues will be surprised at your work, which will radically change their opinion in your direction.
    3. If you are standing almost naked, ankle-deep on your bare feet in fluffy snow, then there are two additional conditions for interpretation: a feeling of being the master of the world - success in work, but joy will quickly exhaust itself; anxiety and feelings of loneliness are serious financial difficulties.
    4. Going to your loved one in the thaw, shuffling the icy mess with your bare feet, means discord from inattention to your other half.
    5. Going on a date after sunset with bare feet - you will accidentally learn someone else's secret, which you will treasure like the apple of your eye.
    6. Hurrying to your loved one barefoot means decisive, well-thought-out actions. However, if you get lost, you will be ridiculed from the outside.
    7. Walking through snowdrifts on bare feet means difficulties associated with the family hearth.

    Actions of snow

    What happened to the snow in the dream is also important:

    • Snow is falling - expect positive events.
    • Snow falls in large flakes - happiness.
    • There is snow - a favorable period in your life.
    • The snow is melting - a successful solution to all problems.
    • Snow falls on green grass, flowers (out of season) - an increase in material wealth.
    • Falls from the roof - friendly relations with colleagues.
    • Snow turns into cotton candy - sexual pleasures.
    • Snow fell - a good event, news.

    A girl or woman dreams of snow

    • Beautiful falling snow that does not cause negativity is a sign of pregnancy.
    • Limp snowflakes falling on the hair - the conception of a son.
    • If a woman in a dream hides from the snow, sits in a shelter, the dream suggests that it is too early to have children, she is not ready for children.
    • Sparkling snow means prosperity.
    • A spouse gradually moving away - you need to try to return warm feelings to the family.
    • Falling into deep snow means trusting an unworthy guy.
    • Seeing a sleigh or riding on it is a fight for your loved one. At first he will be alienated, but then he will love.
    • Admiring the whirlwind means dreams that will come true.
    • Snow falls into water (river, lake, sea) - to a happy and successful marriage.
    • If a pregnant woman/girl dreams of a white veil, it means an easy birth. Shovel snow - for children. The firstborn will not be the only child in the family.

    What does a person's actions with snow mean?

    Please note what actions were performed with the snow:

    • Enjoying the snow will make you happy.
    • Seeing snow around means a white streak is coming in life.
    • Seeing snow outside the window means changes for the better are coming.
    • Running through the snow in shoes means a new relationship; barefoot - short-term loneliness; in socks - a fleeting affair.
    • Cleaning snow - get a promotion.
    • Cleaning snow with a shovel is a profit.
    • Walking in the snow naked means you will find yourself in an awkward situation.
    • Falling into the snow means fun, laughter.
    • Rolling around in the snow will bring you great joy.
    • Buying snow is a good deal.
    • Covering your tracks in the snow means you will end a difficult relationship.
    • Melting snow means additional earnings and income.
    • Swimming in the snow is a fun way to spend time with friends.
    • Admire the snowflakes - you will be carried away by the young lady.
    • Walking on white snow means overcoming obstacles on your way.
    • Walking through black (dirty snow) is a bad dream and promises danger.
    • Rolling in the snow means experiencing vivid emotions.
    • Jumping in the snow means immersing yourself in a new relationship and experiencing strong feelings.
    • Wiping yourself with snow means fate has prepared a test for you, but you can overcome it.
    • Take shelter from snowfall - troubles will pass you by, be calm.
    • Getting stuck in a snow drift means facing some difficulties.
    • Sleigh rides in the snow - a pleasant meeting, fun communication.
    • Riding down a snow slide is a vivid sexual experience.
    • Lying in the snow means being safe.
    • Sleeping in the snow means missing out on a chance.
    • Washing with snow is an additional income.
    • Falling under the snow with a child is a fun pastime.
    • Falling in the snow means receiving support from a friend.
    • Flying over snowy expanses is dreamy.
    • Getting caught in an avalanche is a huge scandal, a big quarrel.
    • To be covered with snowballs is to make an enemy in a big quarrel.
    • Walking on slippery ice in icy conditions is a dangerous situation.
    • Listen to the sound of a blizzard in a safe place - they will try to drag you into a scandal.
    • Driving a car in the snow means keeping the situation under control.
    • Riding a bicycle in the snow is a sign of love joys.
    • Crawling through the snow means problems with management.
    • Skiing on snow means mutual deep feelings.
    • Laying a trail through the snow means looking for a way out of the current situation.
    • Playing snowballs is a verbal altercation.
    • Making a snowman (snow woman) means building a hopeless relationship.
    • Eating snow means trouble, health problems.
    • Collecting snow with your hands means increasing wealth.
    • Digging a hole in the snow means you will defeat your opponents.
    • Cleaning your car of snow means you will successfully get out of a difficult situation.
    • Wiping your face with snow means you will receive a bonus.
    • Seeing blood on the snow means meeting blood relatives.
    • Freezing in the snow is a bad sign.
    • Seeing people frozen in the snow is a difficult period in life.
    • Get a cold burn from snow - you will be attacked by the enemy.
    • Clearing snow with a tractor is an easy way to overcome difficulties.

    Why do you dream of a large amount of snow and snowdrifts?

    1. A person walking through deep snowdrifts and falling into soft snow needs support.
    2. Falling into a snowdrift at full length means receiving an inheritance.
    3. Wandering through snow powder is a dubious entertaining adventure that will lead to everyone's ridicule. First of all, your friends will bully you.
    4. Getting stuck in a snowdrift means remaining in a position independent of you, with no way out in the near future.
    5. Getting out of a deep snowdrift means finding a way out of a hopeless situation.
    6. Snowfall - obstacles and troubles in business will appear.
    7. Snowfall around Epiphany means a quick separation from your loved one.
    8. Tall fluffy snowdrifts mean great happiness and wealth. Ease of movement is success in a difficult task. Falling into such a snowdrift is the enjoyment of wealth. The whiteness of the snow and the size of the snowdrifts are the size of your well-being.
    9. Snowy mountain peaks - your ambitions and desire to become famous will manifest themselves. But you should moderate your ardor, as unfounded claims will lead to grief and disappointment in yourself.
    10. A lot of snow on the field means profit and good health. Prickly snow - trouble, humiliation and shame. Melting snow is a small change, but unexpected.

    Where was the snow in the dream?

    It is also important where the snow was:

    • There are family quarrels in the apartment.
    • On the windowsill - expect good news.
    • In front of the house - to changes for the good.
    • In the house - cooling in relationships with family and friends.
    • It's good to be outside.
    • In the car - you will become the master of the situation, the situation is under your control.
    • Outside the window there are good events and news.
    • There is sorrow in the cemetery.
    • In the sugar bowl instead of sugar there are false expectations and disappointment.

    Interpretation of dreams depending on their details

    1. Running along an alley with frost on the trees - the team doubts you, but you will convince them of your truth.
    2. The playful reflections of light at dawn dream of the end of your endeavors on a pleasant note and very successful.
    3. Bright sun means pleasant events.
    4. A cloudy day means disappointment in yourself.
    5. Falling asleep in the snow without finding shelter means a desire to be alone with oneself.
    6. Soft snow - pleasant meetings and news.
    7. Sparkling snow cover - changes in life that will make you happy.
    8. Seeing snow in the sugar bowl instead of sugar - expect a trick from your loved ones.

    Walk on white snow

    If you happen to walk in the snow in a dream, you may get sick, and besides, nothing new is happening in your life.

    According to other interpretations, the dream indicates that in reality you are no longer happy with the work on which you spent a lot of time and energy.

    If in a dream you walked through the snow in a snowstorm or blizzard, in reality you will correct the mistakes you made earlier.

    If you walked along a path where there was little snow, a calm and favorable period will soon come. The troubles will end!

    If you walked on the first snow, many pleasant moments and a surge of energy await you.

    If you were walking through snow that glistened in the sun, happiness in your personal life awaits you in reality.

    If the snow you were walking through was deep and your feet sank, in reality you will quarrel with your significant other.

    Detailed interpretations of sleep from all dream books

    Values ​​depending on what time of day you dreamed of snow:

    • in the morning - to meanness towards a friend;
    • during the day - to worry about a loved one;
    • in the evening - to make a large profit;
    • at night - to family well-being.

    Why do you dream of snow according to Vanga’s dream book?

    According to Vanga’s dream book, such a dream predicts the revelation of someone else’s secret.

    Other interpretations:

    • dreams of running in the snow means participation in a dubious business;
    • sledding - to join the family;
    • wallowing in it means breaking off relations with relatives.

    Miller's Dream Book

    According to Miller's dream book, dreaming of snow symbolizes an affair with a cruel person.

    Freud's Dream Book

    According to Freud's dream book, such a dream is a symbol of financial losses.

    Additional interpretations:

    • white snow is a dream of an invitation to a special event;
    • black - to sad events;
    • melted - to vain expectations.

    Azar's Dream Book

    According to Azar's dream book, snow is a sign of public insult.

    Dream Interpretation Veles

    According to the Veles dream book, such a dream portends bad news.

    For men:

    • dreams of walking barefoot in the snow means a quick date with your beloved;
    • naked - to disappointment in yourself.

    Dream Interpretation of Veles

    According to Veles’s dream book, such a dream promises a new serious relationship.

    Other transcripts:

    • seeing snow fall in the summer is a sign of a short-term romance;
    • in the fall - to a salary increase;
    • in the spring - to worsening living conditions.

    Dream Interpretation of Denise Lynn

    According to Denise Lynn's dream book, such a dream predicts the risk of missing an opportunity to change your life.

    Additional values:

    • snow that lies on the road dreams of legal proceedings;
    • on the roof - to dismissal at your own request;
    • on earth - to increase prosperity.

    Dream book for women

    According to the dream book for women:

    • a virgin dreams of snow foretells an open conflict with an ill-wisher;
    • for an unmarried girl - to renew old business connections;
    • to the bride - to success in all endeavors;
    • for a married woman - the need to be patient;
    • divorced - good news;
    • elderly - to unusual adventures;
    • to a widow - to victory over the enemy.

    Dream book for men

    According to the dream book for men:

    • a virgin dreams of snow as a sign of being late for an important meeting;
    • for a single guy - to financial difficulties;
    • for the groom - an expensive purchase;
    • for a married man - to renew a relationship with an old acquaintance;
    • for a divorced person - to spend time with loved ones;
    • for the elderly - to change the field of activity;
    • to a widower - to make money by dishonest means.

    Dream Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

    According to the dream book of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima, snow is a sign of making the right decision.

    Dream Interpretation of Catherine the Great

    According to the dream book of Catherine the Great, such a dream can foreshadow important changes in life.

    Other interpretations:

    • dreams of melting snow indicate a change of scenery;
    • cleaning - to a valuable find;
    • falling into it means wealth and prosperity.

    Dream Interpretation Kananita

    According to Kananita’s dream book, dreams of a lot of snow around mean participation in a promising project.

    Longo's Dream Interpretation

    According to Longo's dream book, such a dream means that you should expect amazing events.

    For women:

    • A married woman dreams of a child running in the snow as a sign of news from an old friend.

    Loff's Dream Book

    According to Loff’s dream book, such a dream promises support from friends.

    Additional interpretations:

    • dreaming of throwing snow means apathy;
    • digging with a shovel - a period of loneliness;
    • walking on it barefoot is a happy event.

    Dream Interpretation Meneghetti

    According to Meneghetti's dream book, such a dream predicts sadness.

    For men:

    • A young man dreams of the first snow falling as a sign of harmony and comfort in the house.

    Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

    According to Nostradamus’s dream book, such a dream foreshadows criticism from a friend.

    Dream interpretation by dates and months

    Depending on the day of the month, you can understand whether the dream will come true and what area of ​​life it will most likely affect:

    • 1 – lack of support from loved ones;
    • 2 – to get rid of complexes;
    • 3 – to popularity with the opposite sex;
    • 4 – to moral fatigue;
    • 5 – spending time with family;
    • 6 – to receive a declaration of love;
    • 7 – to meet your future husband/wife;
    • 8 – to health problems;
    • 9 – to a period of loneliness;
    • 10 – to pleasant chores;
    • 11 – to deception;
    • 12 – to successful self-realization;
    • 13 – to making a serious mistake;
    • 14 – to receive important advice;
    • 15 – to a valuable find;
    • 16 – to a successful investment of personal funds;
    • 17 – to the risk of suffering from the actions of scammers;
    • 18 – to gossip in the women's group;
    • 19 – to the period of stability;
    • 20 – to the emergence of new responsibilities at work;
    • 21 – the need to defend your point of view;
    • 22 – to receive a bonus;
    • 23 – to injury;
    • 24 – disruption of plans;
    • 25 – for fun;
    • 26 – to the appearance of a bad habit;
    • 27 – for a business trip;
    • 28 – to search for an additional source of income;;
    • 29 – to theft or fire;
    • 30 – to fulfill a dream;
    • 31 – to getting rid of an opponent/rival.

    Depending on the month when you dreamed of snow:

    MonthInfluence/realizability of dreams
    JanuaryWill affect the financial sphere of life
    FebruaryMost likely it won't come true
    MarchWill have an impact on spiritual development
    AprilAffects emotional state
    MayMeans that you should pay attention to self-improvement
    JuneWill change the professional sphere
    JulyOnly negative values ​​will be executed
    AugustImproves relationships with family
    SeptemberPromises positive changes
    OctoberDoesn't matter
    NovemberWill affect relationships with friends
    DecemberWill affect the love sphere

    Dream interpretation by days of the week

    Meanings depending on when you dreamed about snow:

    • on Monday - to conclude an unprofitable deal;
    • on Tuesday - busy at work;
    • on Wednesday - to loneliness;
    • on Thursday - to a lack of attention from a partner;
    • on Friday - for the division of property;
    • on Saturday - to spiritual comfort;
    • on Sunday - to resolve an old problem.

    Rommel's Dream Book

    According to Rommel's dream book, a pile of snow in a dream predicts great excitement.

    Dream book of Simeon Prozorov

    According to Prozorov’s dream book, such a dream means improved well-being.

    Other interpretations:

    • snow and rain dream of quarrels due to temper;
    • and the sun - to the need to help loved ones;
    • and ice - to the realization of a creative idea.

    Dream Interpretation of Hasse

    According to Hasse's dream book, such a dream promises overwork.

    Additional transcripts:

    • an avalanche dreams of canceling work plans;
    • blizzard - for a long trip;
    • heavy snowfall - to professional growth.

    Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

    According to Tsvetkov, dreaming of running through deep snow foretells misunderstandings in relations with family members.

    Dream book of healer Akulina

    According to Akulina’s dream book, such a dream predicts tears.

    Other meanings:

    • footprints in the snow dream of falling in love;
    • blood - to disappointment;
    • cat - for a fun party.

    Aesop's Dream Book

    According to Aesop's dream book, dreams of snow out of season signify self-confidence.

    Dream book of the 21st century

    According to the 21st century dream book, such a dream foreshadows an imminent move or job change.

    For men:

    • a man who is married dreams of falling deep into the snow as a sign of failure in the professional sphere;
    • clearing something of it means the appearance of a faithful friend.

    Phoebe's Great Dream Book

    According to Phoebe’s dream book, dreams of snow signify the need to do someone else’s work.

    Noble dream book of Grishina

    According to Grishina’s dream book, such a dream can mean vivid impressions.

    Additional interpretations:

    • dreams of falling snow are a pleasant surprise;
    • melted - to an accident;
    • hard - to regret the offense committed.

    Egyptian dream book of pharaohs

    According to the dream book of the pharaohs, snow is dreamed of at the end of a period of bad luck.

    Ivanov’s newest dream book

    According to Ivanov’s dream book, such a dream promises a demotion.

    Other interpretations:

    • dreaming of driving through the snow in a dream means having to make a difficult choice;
    • on a bicycle - to danger to life;
    • skiing - to receive good news.

    American dream book

    According to the American Dream Book, such a dream predicts chores around the house.

    Additional interpretations:

    • dreams of swimming in the snow means receiving threats;
    • jumping into it means loss of trust in a loved one;
    • clearing - to an interesting event.

    English dream book

    According to the English Dream Book, such a dream foreshadows a long-awaited meeting with relatives.

    For women:

    • if you saw that you were stuck in a snowdrift, then this meant getting rid of ill-wishers;
    • walking through the snow in sandals - to flirting at work.

    Assyrian dream book

    According to the Assyrian dream book, such a dream promises a fire.

    Spring dream book

    If you dreamed that snow was falling in large flakes, then this meant problems in the professional sphere, while small ones meant buying real estate.

    Home dream book

    According to the Home Dream Book, such a dream predicts getting a well-paid job.

    Other transcripts:

    • dreams of pure snow foretell boredom;
    • dirty - to the disruption of vacation plans;
    • melted - to poor health;
    • handsome - for a meeting with a former partner.

    Winter dream book

    According to the Winter Dream Book, snow falling on New Year's Day is a sign of receiving an inheritance.

    Indian dream book

    According to the Indian Dream Book, such a dream foreshadows the performance of monotonous work.

    Intimate dream book

    According to the Intimate Dream Book, a snow woman dreams of sad news.

    Islamic dream book

    According to the Islamic dream book, such a dream promises negative changes in the personal sphere.

    Additional values:

    • looking at the snow outside the window is a dream of envy;
    • in the yard - to a change in lifestyle;
    • on the street - for a family holiday.

    Italian dream book

    According to the Italian dream book, snow dreams of promiscuous intimate relationships.

    Chinese dream book

    According to the Chinese Dream Book, such a dream predicts conflicts with family members.

    Other interpretations:

    • dreaming of rolling through the snow means a quarrel with neighbors;
    • falling into it means helping friends;
    • to clean off means demotion.

    Summer dream book

    According to the Summer Dream Book, such a dream foreshadows problems due to gullibility.

    Lunar dream book

    According to the Lunar Dream Book:

    • on a full moon, snow dreams of advanced training;
    • on a new moon - to a deterioration in reputation;
    • on the growing Moon - to sadness and melancholy;
    • decreasing - to apathy.

    Love dream book

    According to the Love Dream Book, such a dream promises deception on the part of friends.

    For women:

    • to see how it is covered with snow is a sign of good luck in all endeavors;
    • what was lying in it - to an increase in wages.

    Muslim dream book

    According to the Muslim dream book, snow dreams of a quarrel over an unfulfilled promise.

    Autumn dream book

    According to the Autumn Dream Book, such a dream predicts a frank conversation.

    Additional interpretations:

    • dreams of melting snow mean getting the desired position;
    • trampled - to well-deserved respect;
    • sticky - to fame.

    Psychological dream book

    According to the Psychological Dream Book, if you dreamed that snow was falling, then this means working in a male team.

    Russian dream book

    According to the Russian Dream Book, such a dream foreshadows a new love affair.

    Other interpretations:

    • dreaming of sitting in the snow means parting with a loved one;
    • sleeping - to theft;
    • making snowballs - to treason;
    • clean - to the appearance of debts.

    Family dream book

    According to the Family Dream Book, snow is a sign of grief and disappointment.

    Slavic dream book

    According to the Slavic dream book, such a dream promises winning a large sum.

    Modern dream book

    According to the Modern Dream Book, snow dreams of an awkward situation.

    Creative dream book

    According to the Creative Dream Book, such a dream predicts a move.

    For men:

    • if you dreamed that snow was falling and immediately melting, then this means losing a large sum.

    Ukrainian dream book

    According to the Ukrainian dream book, such a dream foreshadows unrequited love.

    Additional transcripts:

    • thick snow dreams of strong friendship;
    • prickly - to open your own business;
    • loose - to positive changes.

    French dream book

    According to the French dream book, such a dream promises the discovery of a new talent.

    Other meanings:

    • snow that started falling in the morning means a change in plans for the weekend;
    • during the day - to sad memories;
    • in the evening - to a nervous breakdown;
    • at night - to various troubles due to indecision.

    Gypsy dream book

    According to the Gypsy Dream Book, such a dream predicts the need to fulfill other people's duties.

    Esoteric dream book

    According to the Esoteric Dream Book, dreaming of clearing snow means breaking up a relationship with a friend.

    Dream Interpretation of the Subconscious

    According to the dream book of the subconscious, such a dream foreshadows the risk of becoming a victim of robbery.

    Dream Interpretation of Simon Kananita

    Skiing in the mountains in a dream means success on the love front. Act without fear of being rejected or misunderstood.

    A well-worn ski track in the tangled wilds means finding the answer to a question that has been tormenting you for a long time. The problem that has been bothering you will disappear. Spend more time thinking about your actions and actions, and you will definitely find a hidden path to solve the problem.

    Intersecting ski tracks in a dream represent confusion in a love relationship. Dot all the i’s and talk about sensitive topics that require discussion.

    Magic dream book

    A magical dream book foretells a good mood. Get ready for an interesting trip or trip that has been planned for a long time.

    If the skis were bright in color, expect new acquaintances that will affect your personal life.

    Broken skis warn of the appearance of a rival in life.

    Old wooden skis say that soon you will receive news from the past. Perhaps visiting an old friend or returning a long-forgotten debt.

    Clearing snow debris: Vanga's transcript

    If you dreamed that you were removing snow, try to remember exactly how you did it:

    • According to Vanga’s dream book, removing snow or raking snowdrifts with your hands means facing events that will require you to gather your strength. If you don't give up, you will achieve the desired result;
    • you remove snow with shovels - you will receive support from colleagues or superiors;
    • According to Vanga’s dream book, removing snowdrifts and making a road among them means creating the ground for a comfortable life. You act in the right way, do not be distracted and move forward boldly;
    • digging a hole in the snow - you will have to work hard and waste your energy;
    • if you are clearing snow from your porch, it means you will actually have to do some cleaning or repairs in your home;
    • according to Vanga’s dream book, seeing snow that you remove with your whole family means a family feast, a wedding, the birth of a child;
    • to clear the doors of your house - try to get rid of an obsessive admirer.

    General value

    Dream books in which snow falls to the ground in large flakes are regarded by dream books as a double sign. Snowy weather in a dream can mean both internal cleansing and confusion in work or personal matters. General interpretations of a positive nature:

    • a harbinger of favorable changes, soon a person will feel real happiness;
    • receiving good news, the dreamer may learn about winning the lottery or a substantial inheritance from a rich distant relative;
    • life has prepared many challenges, but the sleeping person will successfully overcome them and reach unprecedented heights in her career;
    • dreams of huge snowdrifts symbolize high financial status and a comfortable existence;
    • the goal will be achieved as quickly as possible.

    Some interpreters are inclined to believe that dreaming about snow does not bode well. This night scenario could mean the following:

    • complications in professional activities and unexpected obstacles in completing the task;
    • plans are doomed to failure, the enemy’s tricks will be to blame for this;
    • a harbinger of uncontrollable grief and sad incidents;
    • hard struggle and terrible injustice;
    • a symbol of deep disappointment in people from the inner circle.

    Jewish dream book

    The Jewish dream book sees unusual events in the near future in a dream involving skis. Time will present surprises that you could not even imagine, but even think about. Whether good news or bad news awaits you depends on the ski trip in your dream.

    If you have been gliding along a well-worn ski track, then changes and news will be easily perceived, will quickly take root and will affect life only in a good way.

    If the snow was loose and the road twisted from one side to the other, you will not take the news well. Change will be difficult for you.

    Skis of different colors mean a difficult choice. You will have to consider many aspects of your life and make difficult choices. The length of the “vehicle” symbolizes the time that will be given to you to think.

    TOP 10 positive meanings of sleep

    What did you dream about?Decoding the dream
    Snow WhiteTo a pleasant acquaintance
    FluffyTo quickly achieve goals
    LargeTo commit a brave act
    Trees in the snowTowards the emergence of a creative idea
    SeaTo romantic adventures
    FlowersTo improve your qualifications
    Wipe yourself with snowTowards profitable cooperation
    Wash your faceTo a good mood
    Lie on itTowards recovery after a long illness

    Housewife's Dream Interpretation

    The housewife's dream book has its own opinion on this matter. The interpretation of this dream book says that skis are a symbol of imminent replenishment. Perhaps you are waiting for news about the birth of a child.

    Such a dream could mean an unexpected guest. If the dream left pleasant emotions after waking up, then the guest will visit for a short time, and his stay promises decent benefits for you and your loved ones.

    If you have seen broken skis, expect domestic quarrels and scandals over trifles. Try to avoid any, even trivial, conflicts. Any of them can develop into something serious and negatively affect your life.

    Skis of bright, rich color speak of favor and good luck in love affairs. Get together and take action - success will definitely await you.

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