“What does a blind man dream about? If you see a Blind Man in a dream, what does it mean?

Stop hurting yourself

Dreaming of blindness often means: the dreamer does not know or does not want to know the truth. The dream also indicates some spiritual limitation.

Seeing a small blind kitten or puppy means serious troubles lie ahead; perhaps you will harm yourself with careless actions or words. The kitten personifies external deceptive brilliance.

A blind baby seen in a dream, according to the dream book, signals the sleeper’s unworthy thoughts, evil, aggressive emotions that destroy internal harmony.

A blind grandfather foreshadows the sleeping person's decline in the business field and powerlessness to change anything. You need to bring something fresh into life and resist the depressive mood.

See a baby's funeral

Seeing a dead child in a coffin and experiencing horror and pity means starting something new in life, moving to a higher level, putting an end to unpleasant experiences. Holding a dead person in your arms means changing internally, becoming less gullible, and more pragmatic and cynical. Seeing the death of your child and experiencing horror at the same time means constantly tormenting and suffering from worries about the health and life of your children or husband. You can believe in dreams, or you can immediately forget them, but Grandma Nina believes that any dreams etched in our memory are signs of fate, which gives us a chance to change something in life.

Beware of deception

According to Vanga’s dream book, a dream about one’s own blindness indicates that relatives or colleagues are deceiving the dreamer. He doesn't notice how his secrets are used to harm him.

Leading a blind man in a dream, providing him with services - you will be deceived. The dream of a blind driver foretells: they will point out an unseemly act by someone you know, which you did not know about before.


As the subconscious dream book defines, a blind person often personifies what a sleeping person cannot see. People are capable of pretending to themselves and deliberately not noticing obvious truths. Think about what your blindness is? Are there things that you unconsciously ignore because they might hurt you or force you out of your comfort zone?

Sometimes the image is associated with a lack of stability, serious changes that cause shock, and problems with loved ones. In this case, a person can pretend to be blind in order not to notice what makes him unhappy for as long as possible. Do not forget that problems will not go away; sooner or later they will have to be solved. Don't delay this.

Reducing the negative meaning of sleep.

Find the time and energy to analyze what is happening around you and your social circle, identify what worries you, and find solutions.

Business, wealth

Seeing yourself blind in a dream means suffering serious losses in business due to deception. The dream book warns: be careful.

Did you dream of going blind in one eye? Misfortunes are approaching that cannot be prevented. You need to muster all the courage to resist them.

A cat with this flaw warns: many aspirations, desires, and plans will not come true. There will be business failures that will affect the financial well-being of the family.

Temporary blindness - your intuition will become dull, you need to avoid thoughtless actions.

Favorable meanings

Why do you dream of blind rain? In reality, a lucky win in the lottery is possible.

Feeling your blindness in a dream means you will meet new people who will become true friends.

The Islamic dream book gives the following interpretation of a dream about blindness: it is a symbol of error in religion. For a poor person, such an image can mean the acquisition of wealth in reality.

Love, relationships

A blind guy in a dream foreshadows the betrayal of a friend. Boy - some kind of injustice will be done to the sleeping person.

Why do you dream about a blind cat? The dream book states: your ill-wishers (cunning, deceitful people personified by this image) will temporarily lose their vigilance, so they will not be able to harm.

For a girl, a dream about a blind lover is a reflection of her anxiety about their relationship, fear of breaking up with him.

For lovers, a blind kitten in a dream promises disagreements and quarrels. We must try to find compromises so that temporary difficulties do not become permanent.

Why do you dream of a blind child? Such a child seems to suggest: you will soon meet someone who will really need your help. Try to show your best qualities.

Why does a blind woman dream?

Then you should expect good changes in financial terms - quick profit or promotion on the career ladder. In addition, this symbol means an addition, which is not only about finances, but also affects other areas.

Love, relationships

If a free young man or a representative of the fairer sex saw a blind girl in a dream, then this may be a sign that an important meeting is about to take place that will fill their future with romance. Such relationships can develop into a marriage for a long time.


As for married couples, the appearance of a blind girl during sleep is considered a symbol of the impending conception of a son. He will become capable, kind and active.

Longer unions that do not plan to have heirs can expect harmony in the family and agreement with each other. Also, couples who had discord and misunderstandings at that time will see improvements.

In the near future, a streak of light awaits them in the house, and problems will be resolved imperceptibly, they just need to show a small amount of softness.


As for money, here you can expect the biggest changes for the better. What a blind girl dreams about is, as a rule, about finances and good luck. This symbol foreshadows quick enrichment and the end of material issues.

This can be either a reward for the work done, or random money, a good prize. Now it’s best to solve financial issues: you can try to get a loan to purchase real estate or make an investment in a project.

Work, study

a blind girl is a favorable, good, positive meaning if an internship, dissertation defense or probationary period will soon take place. During this period, the skills will be easy to grasp, and mastering the material will not cause any trouble.

If you dreamed about a blind girl, you can try to approach the management with a proposal to promote your own candidacy or for a raise or salary increase. It is important to confidently and convincingly prove your position to them and success will not be long in coming.

According to the dream book, seeing a blind girl in a dream is a positive sign that brings only positive changes. Those who have controversial situations need to maintain a little restraint at this time: a solution will find itself.

And anyone who wants to try their luck and get closer to wealth needs to decide to take active action right now.

Why do you dream about a blind woman?

>Why do you dream about the Blind according to the dream book?

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Find out from the online dream book what the Blind Man dreams of by reading below the answer as interpreted by the interpreting authors.

SonMe.ru will tell you why this is a dream. See the meaning of the dream below:

Blind - Becoming blind in a dream is a harbinger of a sudden change of fate: from a measured, prosperous life you can come to depressing poverty.

Seeing others blind means that a person worthy of all respect will ask you for help and support. French dream book. Seeing a blind person in a dream. Blind – Dreaming of a blind man foretells the betrayal of your friend.

If you dreamed that you yourself were blind, beware of someone’s betrayal or deception.

Read in full Dream Interpretation “astroscope”

Blind, Blind, Go Blind, Blind Grandma, Blind Woman, Blind Cat, Blind Man, Blindness. If in a dream you dreamed that you were Blind or Blind, Dream Interpretations are in a hurry to reassure you. Please interpret the dream: I gave an injection to some girl, my husband is holding her. And suddenly she begins to go blind and die. I call her loudly, clearly I call her name. I woke up from my voice. The dream disturbs me.

Read in full Dream Interpretation “felomena”

Did you dream about a blind woman, but the necessary interpretation of the dream is not in the dream book? Our experts will help you find out why a blind woman dreams in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. I had a dream from Friday to Saturday about how I met a very beautiful girl on ice skating rink, but she was blind...

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Did you dream of a Blind Man, but the necessary interpretation of the dream is not in the dream book? Our experts will help you find out why you dream of a Blind Man in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. 2 days in a row the dream is that I am meeting a pretty but blind girl whom I have never seen in my life I haven’t seen it and am trying to start a relationship with her.

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Interpretations of the dream Blind (1) Dream Interpretation Blind. Sleep Analysis Blind Eyes Girl. And again the sea in a dream. First dream: I’m by the sea with my mother. It’s a bright sunny day, but for some reason there is an awareness that the water is cold.

Another city in a dream. I dreamed that I came to the city to visit my beloved girl, whom I already knew by heart, got off the bus, and couldn’t figure out where I was. I understand that she lives somewhere here, but the place is completely different.

Interpretation in the Dream Book of Simon Canaanite of the dream Blind:

Blind - to be blind - you will be in danger

Seeing a Blind Man in a dream. In the Old Russian Dream Book:

BlindnessHorsefliesBlindBlindHadflyBlindBlindBlind 4.23 5 24

Interpretation of dreams from Baba Nina

Blind clairvoyant grandmother Nina says that any dreams come to us as messages from Higher powers who want to warn us about upcoming events.

Therefore, you should not take them lightly, because sometimes a correctly deciphered dream will help you prepare for troubles or even avoid some misfortunes. Let's try to figure out what teeth mean in dreams. Of course, in order to begin interpreting a dream, you need to remember in detail all the nuances, since the accuracy of the prediction will depend on this.

If you dream of white strong teeth

If in a dream you see your own teeth strong and healthy, then you can rejoice, you are in good health and success awaits you in all your endeavors.

If a person without teeth stands next to you, while you have teeth, then in real life you will be able to defeat your enemies, get ahead of them in the race for happiness and catch luck.

You see white and shining, but false jaws - serious trials and tribulations await you, you will desperately fight fate for a place in the sun.

If you click this jaw in a vision, then soon you will have to correct your own mistakes and reap the fruits of your own stupidity.

Why does a tooth fall out?

If you see that your tooth has fallen out, then be prepared for material losses and troubles in the family or at work. If the doctor pulls out your incisor, then pay close attention to your health. Such a dream foreshadows a protracted illness. You see toothpaste, go to the clinic and get examined, fate says that everything can still be improved, but don’t waste time.

If you lose teeth without bleeding, something unpleasant will happen that will prevent you from finishing the job you started and will seriously damage your reputation. The roots fall out with blood - to a serious illness or even death of blood relatives.

If someone hits you in the face and as a result you lose your teeth, then beware: you have a serious enemy who is just waiting for you to stumble and then he will strike from around the corner. You are doing oral hygiene - in real life you will have to work hard to succeed, but it will be worth it

If you dream about rotten black teeth

You see black rotten teeth in your mouth - your health or business will decline due to your improvidence or frivolity.

If you spit them out of your mouth and see blood appearing on your lips, trials await your family, and you must definitely come to their aid.

If you see teeth falling out or loose, Baba Nina believes that this is one of the worst signs of fate. Either you will lose your money as a result of wrong actions, or you will become seriously ill, or maybe several troubles will happen at once that will lead you to depression.

If you lose one front incisor, then expect bad news, if two, then be extremely careful, your self-confidence will lead you into a trap, three, something very bad will happen.

If you are left completely without teeth, then you will find yourself in a situation in which you will be left without a livelihood.

If you saw a mouth full of rotten roots, then your closest relatives and friends will deceive you, and you will see death and poverty.

A blind clairvoyant warns that you cannot ignore the signs of fate; they will help you avoid many troubles.

Dream Interpretation: Why do you dream about going blind?

This is a very symbolic event. Here is an example of the recollection of one 34-year-old man: “I dreamed of a situation in which I had to make every effort to help a stranger escape danger. Suddenly, quite unexpectedly, I stop seeing. It was very discouraging to me."

Losing one of your sensory abilities for some unknown reason is not at all the same as being injured in an accident. Without any explanation, the image disappears.

Such a dream makes you wonder whether you are able to cope with the responsibilities that everyday life imposes on you, in addition, such dreams reflect a person’s reluctance to take on the role of a hero. The role of the hero can be quite intrusive, and it is not necessary that you accept it with joy.

Suddenly you feel a sense of duty and responsibility towards those with whom you have no obligations in life. This complicates the situation. Many of us are simply trying to fulfill our responsibilities towards the people around us.

Another version of the unfolding scenario is loss of sensitivity in exchange for something or someone. The notorious expression “I would give a lot for ...” expresses a person’s desire to exchange his ability to feel for something more valuable.

Note that our minds very often resort to the principle of exchange to help us test the relative value of relationships and objects. Such losses often have a tinge of martyrdom, especially in cases of loss of sensory faculties as a result of illness. The loss is perceived as an adequate replacement for something that was received during a dream or in real life.

Dream Interpretation: Blind

1. Blind - (Dream Book Medium Miss Xacce) To be blind - you will be in danger 2. Blind - (Modern Dream Book) If you dream that you are blind, then in reality you will experience a sharp transition from prosperity to poverty. If you dream of blind people, then some respected person will turn to you for help. 3.

Blind - (Miller's Dream Book) Seeing yourself blind in a dream means a sudden change of fate: from wealth and abundance you will suddenly come to almost extreme poverty. Seeing others blind means that some worthy person will turn to you for help. 4. Blind - (Dream Book of Evgeniy Tsvetkov) To be yourself or to lead is deception; with thorns, points a finger - to death. 5.

Blind - (Esoteric dream book) Being blind is an extraordinary incident, a miracle, an unexpected joy. To go blind, to be blinded - amazing adventures, elation, and an outburst of feelings await you. Seeing a blind person, blinding someone - interesting offers from acquaintances (if the blind person is familiar) or previously unknown people.

Helping a blind person, sympathizing - some effort is required from you in a new business or undertaking, and then the results will exceed all your expectations. 6. Blind - (Dream book of Yuri Andreevich Longo)

Seeing a blind person in a dream means that your opinion is wrong and your conclusions are obviously incorrect. In the near future, beware of making an irreparable mistake. Most likely, you will follow the lead of someone else’s opinion, which will be incorrect, and therefore your action in the current situation is fraught with failure.

Seeing yourself blind means that in real life you will be deceived by a person whom you are accustomed to trust unreservedly. You could even say that your trust spoiled and corrupted that person.

Acting as a guide for a blind person - a dream means that you often have to make decisions for people who cannot do it themselves and shift all responsibility onto you. This is not to say that you are doing a bad job in this matter. The trouble is that in principle you shouldn't do this.

By making final decisions for others, you thereby indulge the whims of people, relax them, and reduce yourself to the position of a riding horse. Why do you need this?

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