Dream Interpretation Whitening walls: why do women or men dream about whitening walls?

Redecorating a room is always associated with renewal, cleanliness, and freshness. It looks like he is explaining why he dreams of whitewashing walls. If in a dream you applied coloring solutions to any surfaces, then it is possible that in reality you will soon have to pack your things and prepare to move. The dream book promises beneficial changes. But there are other predictions.


In your night dreams, water pours from the ceiling? The dream book of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima contains various interpretations. If water pours directly onto the sleeping person, this signals a chance to start a family. If the dreamer is already married, then his relationship with his partner will improve.

A wet ceiling can be a dream for someone who has a lot of envious people in real life. These people do everything possible to cause harm to the sleeping person. Water dripping from the ceiling symbolizes gossip that enemies spread behind the dreamer's back. In the near future, a person should not allow himself to be drawn into conflicts, as this will end badly.

Does water flow from the ceiling only after a long wait? Such a plot means that the dreamer must find a way out of negative energy. Otherwise, he risks breaking down at the most inopportune moment.

What? Where? When?

In the Modern Dream Book there is an explanation of why you dream of renovating a room in a city apartment. If a lover tries to whiten the surface, the result of her efforts in a dream will show how the relationship will develop. If the whitewashing fails, these two, alas, will not be able to be together. Dazzling whiteness will help you realize that it is unfair to your chosen one.

When in a dream you have to bring beauty not to your apartment, but to your workplace, relationships with employees will noticeably improve.

In Veles’s dream book, the purchase of white paint to decorate a room foreshadows changes for the better, good news, a won case in court. Using the purchase for its intended purpose reflects a good attitude and sincerity of intentions.

Dream book for the whole family

What is the interpretation contained in this dream book? A clean and bright ceiling is a bad sign. Such a symbol is seen in his dreams by those who risk losing their jobs in reality. It is possible that the management is dissatisfied with the success of the sleeper. It also cannot be ruled out that someone is applying for the position of dreamer.

Gluing wallpaper on the ceiling means getting closer to realizing your cherished dream. Soon what the sleeper has been dreaming about for a long time will come true. If the ceiling is falling apart before our eyes, this promises a person the support of relatives and friends in a difficult matter. Close people will help him achieve everything he wants.

Repairing the ceiling means overcoming all obstacles on the way to your goal. Whitewashing it means spending too much on empty entertainment. If a person does not start saving money, then he will face a financial crisis. Is the ceiling collapsing and falling on your head? This means that a person needs to behave with more restraint. With his defiant behavior, he risks provoking a conflict that will cost him dearly.

What other subjects are discussed in the dream book? Is your house ceiling leaking rainwater? Such a plot predicts an unexpected incident for the sleeper. An event will occur that will make a person worry. He will have to do a lot of work. A leaking ceiling promises family troubles for the sleeper. His household members will not soon be able to find a common language with each other.

Miller's Predictions

Based on what you saw in your dream, Miller’s dream book will help you streamline confused relationships. When you dream of whitewash, this is a good sign for those who are in a quarrel. Now is the right time to take steps towards a truce.

The chances of returning love are high, and any means are good: small tricks are justified by a high goal, and your weaknesses will be treated with understanding.

The period is also favorable for self-improvement and carrying out “spring cleaning” in your contacts: you will not go wrong by erasing from your life those whom you consider unnecessary.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

You should definitely take a look at this guide to the world of dreams. What does the ceiling symbolize? The Dream Book from A to Z associates this with the danger that threatens the sleeper. In the near future, a person must remain vigilant. It is advisable for him to refrain from making new acquaintances, as there is a possibility of meeting scammers.

Is the ceiling decorated with gilding and stucco? Such a plot means that the dreamer has many envious people who wish him harm. You cannot ignore their attempts to harm, it is better to join the fight. Is the ceiling collapsing on the sleeping person? Such dreams warn of future worries in real life. A lot of work will fall on a person. It will not be possible to refuse it or shift it onto someone else’s shoulders.

In a dream, does the sleeper paint, whitewash or plaster the ceiling? Such dreams indicate that he has true friends. The dreamer will not be left alone in difficult times. They will definitely help him cope with the problems that have arisen. Wallpapering the ceiling means financial losses. In the near future, the sleeper may conclude an unprofitable deal.

What shall we whitewash?

The summer fortune teller claims that whitewashing represents the sleeper’s understandable desire to hide his bad deeds.

Seeing how it has become even dirtier after whitewashing happens before meeting an unexpected obstacle in the implementation of your plan. An attempt at cosmetic repairs in a dilapidated hut or whitewashing a collapsed stove signals a disease that requires thorough treatment.

It’s interesting to know what dreams of whitewashing outdoors mean. If a wife dreamed of whitewashing a fence when relations in the family were tense, and in the dream she whitewashed it on both sides, peace and harmony will soon come. If only the outer side is whitewashed, disagreements threaten to lead to divorce.

In the People's Oracle, buying white for any purpose means the end of a bad period and the start of a favorable period.

Interpretation of Vanga

What does the ceiling symbolize according to Vanga’s dream book? If it is tall, white and even, then this is a good omen. A white streak will soon come in the life of the sleeper. Problems will be left behind, your financial situation will improve.

Is a person looking at a crack in the ceiling in a dream? In real life, he will have to regret a bad deed committed under the influence of emotions. Unfortunately, the dreamer will no longer be able to correct anything. He can only find the strength within himself to learn a lesson and move on with his life.

Did a person dream that the ceiling was falling on him? Such a plot means that circumstances are not going well. Now is not the time to take decisive action. The sleeper needs to wait for more favorable times, and then begin to implement his bold plans.

Whitewash // dream book by E. Solyanik

Whitewashing (walls, ceiling) of your house/apartment means moving soon.

Whitewashing the walls of an unknown room means a change in office location or a change in job.

If in a dream you decide to whitewash the walls of the house in which you live, this is a symbol of your upcoming move.

If you dream that you are in a hurry to whitewash the ceiling or walls, this means that your reputation is tarnished by obscene deeds that you want to hide. Be careful: even if you manage to deceive your loved ones, you may still have a conflict with your conscience.

Whitewashing an apartment in a dream is a harbinger of dirty rumors and gossip. However, you have the strength to justify and prove your innocence, the main thing is not to miss the right moment.

Whitewash // Everyday Dream Book

If you dreamed that after renovation you were looking at whitewashed ceilings, this means that your life will change dramatically. The dream book predicts very positive changes that will make the dreamer’s main dreams come true.

You should also take into account the details of the dream:

  • Whitening horizontal surfaces - attendance at a funeral;
  • Enjoying the process of whitewashing the ceiling in a house or apartment is the beginning of a positive period in life;
  • Buying whitewash in a store - changing address;
  • Stirring the prepared whitewash to whiten - participation in the wedding ceremony.

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  • 30-Sep-2021 Irina I dreamed that I went out into the street and saw that everything was whitewashed: pedestals of monuments, wooden fences, order was being restored everywhere.
  • 12-Feb-2020 Irina I dreamed of my ex-husband whitewashing my house.
  • 16-Dec-2019 Marianna I dreamed that I was whitewashing a painting.
  • 8-Nov-2019 Rose I dreamed about how a former loved one whitewashed the walls in my house.
  • 6-Nov-2019 Lolita Hello!!! My colleague dreamed that I was whitewashing the walls at work, why would that be?

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High and low

What does a high ceiling symbolize? The 21st century dream book associates its appearance in night dreams with unfulfilled fantasies. Man is used to living in dreams and having his head in the clouds. He doesn't have a clear idea of ​​the future. It is unlikely that such a life strategy will lead him to success. It's time to stop building castles in the air and concentrate on real goals.

Did you dream about a low ceiling? Such a plot warns that a person is at a crossroads. The sleeper is not sure that he has chosen the right path in life. Because of this, he is constantly in a gloomy mood and takes out his anger on others. The dreamer needs to stop and think about what he really wants.

Why do you dream of Whitewashing according to Miller’s dream book

According to Miller's book of dreams, if you whitewash the walls in a dream, this is a sign of a festive event that will make you happy, but will require active participation.

If you see how your house is updated after you have whitewashed it, this means that your affairs will improve, and you will even change your place of residence and move abroad.

In a dream, whitewashing the ceilings in your own home means a noisy party awaits you. Miller believes that connecting with other people at an event will truly make you happy. After such a dream you will make good friends. Friendship with them will be long, pleasant and useful.

Garden care

In dream books there are very interesting interpretations of what dreams of whitewashing trees mean.

  • A symbol in a dream indicates an attempt to correct your mistakes;
  • Seeing yourself whitewashing a blooming apple tree happens on the eve of big victories;
  • Did you dream that you whitewashed a pear? Don't wait for special invitations, go for it;
  • There will be an opportunity for self-realization and satisfaction of spiritual needs;
  • If a pregnant woman had to see a tree being whitewashed, the heir will grow up talented;
  • If you dreamed of gardening work, the dreamer will be able to whitewash his reputation;
  • Trunks shining with white promise prosperity, tall trunks promise good fame.

What does Whitening predict according to Miss Hasse’s dream book

If in a dream you whitewash the ceiling and walls of a hospital room, you will experience a quick recovery from a protracted illness.

If in a dream it was not you who whitewashed the ceiling, but a dead person, this is a bad sign. Seeing a dead person whitewashing in a dream is a sign that poor health will not go away soon.

In a dream, you watch someone whitewash the walls and ceiling - this means that soon you will have to help a person you know cope with an illness. The dream book advises not to provide him with support, since you may well find yourself in his place.

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