Dream Interpretation of playing in the Casino: why do women or men dream about playing in the Casino?

Be realistic about your chances of winning

Playing slot machines in a dream means that in reality you will have the opportunity to find happiness, predicts Loff’s dream book. But if in reality you are addicted to the game, then the psychologist deciphers the events in the dream not so rosy. In this case, he recommends stopping taking risks in reality.

Did you watch the game? If people are smiling and joyful, then the dream book foresees promising, interesting meetings and dates.

Why do you dream about winning?

Almost every one of us dreams of winning a big prize. But some people only dream of winning. Did you dream about winning something? In this article we will talk about what this means.

If you dreamed that you won the lottery, it means that a large amount of money will come to you in life. Prosperity, success and prosperity await you ahead.

Although sometimes such dreams are interpreted in exactly the opposite way. It is believed that in reality you can, on the contrary, lose money. Did you see in a dream how you took the money you won, counted it and planned how you would spend it? This means there is a loss ahead of you. Therefore, do not take the dream literally and do not risk your money!

Did you dream about winning a car? This means that in reality your business will go uphill. This is the best time for you to put your plans into action. A salary increase or unexpected help awaits you.

Failure or success?

Why do you dream of losing in a game of one-armed bandits? Seers unanimously predict: in reality you will be incredibly lucky. But if the game was successful, then the dream is interpreted differently.

The Eastern dream book deciphers winning at slot machines as a tendency towards arrogance. If you think too much about yourself, you will miss the chance to improve your life. Changes fell in your dream? In reality, the Higher powers urge you not to find fault with others over trifles.

Dream Interpretation - Telephone machine

You see yourself in a dream in a telephone booth and a payphone - this dream is for a meeting; you will meet someone you definitely like - a friend, a good acquaintance with whom you have common interests; as you know, community of interests is the basis of mutual understanding and strong long-term relationships; you have an interesting conversation ahead of you.

Why do you dream about a telephone machine - You dial the number over and over again, but cannot get through, you are upset in a dream; such a dream means that you treat yourself, your capabilities and abilities, biasedly; it seems to you that you are an unlucky person and everything that you have achieved so far in life is not at all your merit; you think your relative prosperity is about to collapse. But that's not true. You need to overcome your temporary weakness and establish yourself in the idea that everything will be fine for you. You must remember that with your tendency to self-criticism and introspection, with your subtle spiritual organization, you should make important decisions carefully, without haste; otherwise you will not be able to avoid painful doubts.

Interpretation of dreams from

I walked down the street, it was dry. I was wearing a floor-length blue skirt. The top was short and the belly was visible. From the corner of the house I saw a door that I wanted to go into myself, knowing that there were slot machines there. I went inside. The playground was very large. Three floors. I met an old friend there. She was there like a duck to water. She knew all the staff and told me to go and play. I said, okay, but I looked around with my mouth open. I walked around the hall on the first floor and chose a suitable device for myself. I watched the players and intuitively sat down at the gaming machine and spent 100 rubles. Then she got up and left. I decided to go up one floor, and while I was going up, my friend came down to meet me. She approached the staff counter and asked to cash out her winnings, saying that her husband would come soon to be met. Hearing this, I harbored hope that I could also win at least some decent amount. There were 50,000 rubles in my head. And she talked to herself inside so that she could stop in time and not lose the winnings. I went up to the second floor. It’s light and bright there from the flashing devices, I walked around and the devices that were there didn’t suit me. Moreover, bills kept falling out of my pockets. I picked them up. I took it back. Someone gave it. Everyone smiled at me. I was very beautiful. But I didn’t lie around and decided to go up to the third floor. But between the second and third floors there was some kind of problem with the passage. And you had to climb over the railing, along the wall, with your legs thrown up. And money flew out of their pockets again. There were women and young girls complimenting me and constantly asking me that I was pregnant and they congratulated me on my third child. I say, are you girls, I just ate too much, apparently, and my stomach is sticking out. I'm not pregnant. The men smiled. I ended up getting there. I went in and there were completely different devices. . Everything is in bright light! Loud sounds. And I sat down at one of them. It automatically spins itself. But before that, I chose a combination. And then a bonus appeared on the scoreboard. Which doubled. I saw these bright pictures. How all this is displayed on the scoreboard. 475 was the first amount or 479. I was so happy that I was just lucky to at least catch the bonus. And then it’s like in accelerated mode. And all the people around me. Everyone is happy about my win. And then I seem to end up winning a large amount of money. Some kind of 6-digit number. 471 something thousand. It was definitely 6 digits. But everyone’s attitude towards this amount was that it should be enough for me for the rest of my life. I was still wondering why they reacted this way. And then there’s talk, you’ll buy an apartment, a car. There will be so many new things in your life. I believe in it myself, but I just don’t understand why I can do everything for that amount of money. Is this really a gain in foreign currency? Men come up and clap, saying, I saw you coming here. How money fell out of you. I helped you raise them, remember. And I didn’t even understand how I managed it, because I wanted to win a maximum of 50 thousand rubles in order to partially cover some of my debts. I remember these sincerely joyful faces of people. Right in front of me. It was as if they were looking into my eyes.

Do you want to deal with problems in different life situations and assess your emotional state? We invite you to read selected interpretations of dreams about Slot machines in the dream books of famous authors. Perhaps in these dream interpretations there is an answer to your question.


Winning at slot machines The Gypsy dream book deciphers the warning: excessive ambition and pride will cause conflicts with a friend. If you continue to pretend that you are the “princess and the pea” to whom everyone owes, you risk ruining your relationships with others and being left alone.

In a dream, they recalculated the amount of the prize - in reality, expect large waste and losses. There is no need to take risks or invest money in the development of new projects. Deciphering what this dream means, the seers warn: not only will you not make a profit, but you will also find yourself close to ruin.

What kind of slot machine did you dream about?

According to Vanga’s dream book, when trying to find out the meaning of the dream, remember what kind of machine gun you saw in the dream.

  • new - dreams of winning a large sum;
  • old - to fatigue from routine in relationships;
  • broken - to a change in plans and circumstances;
  • multilinear - to unreasonable anxiety;
  • arcade - to quarrels in the family or at work;
  • mechanical - to danger because of a stranger.


If you dreamed about slot machines, it’s time to think about the future and development of your business; perhaps you will be able to find a use for your creative abilities. Decide what exactly you want and find out what is missing to achieve your goals. Any questions or difficulties? The dream book recommends consulting with experienced people. They will suggest ways to solve problems, what to fix first.

What does a lottery win promise?

The dream of winning the lottery has different interpretations. It all depends on the circumstances of the dream.

Purchasing a lottery ticket promises big financial losses. If the dreamer managed to find an unused ticket, it is a sign of unexpected profits on a large scale.

If a person dreams that he won a large sum in the lottery, this is a favorable sign that foreshadows surprises regarding money. Winning a large sum indicates that the dreamer is ready to start a family. Receiving a million rubles as a cash prize is a sign that a person feels the need for love. For an unmarried girl, this dream is a warning. You should take a close look at your chosen one. He is not as honest with the girl as he seems. A dream tells a young man who is about to get married that he should postpone the wedding, since his chosen one will turn out to be someone with a rather bad character.

Miller's dream book claims that a winning lottery ticket promises success on the stock exchange, however, the process itself will be exciting for the dreamer. Another interpretation of the dream is communication with dishonest individuals. You should reduce connections with unfamiliar people in reality. The possibility of deception or being drawn into some kind of scam cannot be ruled out. This will negatively affect the dreamer's reputation.

For entrepreneurs, this is a favorable sign that predicts success in their own business. The dreamer may not be afraid, but boldly take the risk of opening his own business, which will turn out to be quite profitable. The only thing that will need to be done for its successful implementation is to think carefully about the ways to implement your project and calculate the possible risks.

Losing a win means doing something for which you will later be ashamed and embarrassed. You need to control your actions.

Taking a big win in the lottery is a sign that warns the dreamer that he should be more economical and carefully think through his purchases, especially expensive ones. The purchased items may be unnecessary.

Seeing someone win a large sum in the lottery is a sign of meeting good friends, which will leave only pleasant memories.


Did you rob slot machines in your dream? This plot is a very bad sign,” says the Summer Dream Book. They smashed and destroyed game libraries, trying to get rich, but in reality they expect disappointment. A black streak begins. Dreams are not destined to come true, all hopes and aspirations are doomed to failure. And you are not in your power to change the situation.

Why do you dream of smashed or broken slot machines? The dream is a warning: conflicts and troubles will begin in life with nearby individuals.

Interpreting a vision in which you wander through an abandoned gambling house between piles of “mechanical robbers”, tables and chairs, soothsayers talk about the alienation that will appear between loved ones. Depression will set in, you will be disappointed in the person whom until recently you considered ideal.

Why dream of taking chips or coins out of a broken machine? In reality, chasing illusory gain, you will quarrel with a relative or friend.

Interpreting what the one-armed bandit who appears in a dream means, Felomena warns: there is an experienced manipulator next to you.

According to Miller

Miller's dream book says that seeing such a dream is not the best omen, but you shouldn't be scared either. The dream warns that if you are not careful enough, you may be shamelessly taken advantage of. If you see yourself in a slot machine hall or even among them, it means that you will soon have a new computer, you will purchase it yourself. Slot machines also dream of trade secrets. Winning means living at the expense of others, and losing means your dishonest behavior and a threat to a loved one.

Amazing twist

Do slot machines give out things other than money? The dream book recommends paying attention to what reward you received.

If you played the slot machine and received food as a prize, your friend will amaze you by treating you to an unusual culinary masterpiece, or invite you to an elite restaurant.

In a dream you received alcohol as a gift - in reality, get ready for gambling and fun.

And if it turns out to be a valuable trifle, then some mediocre situation will spontaneously change and lead to pleasant consequences. As a result, you will radically and without regrets leave your old life and start all over again.

Who played the slot machines

The modern dream book believes that when interpreting a dream, you need to take into account who exactly played the slot machines. The correct interpretation of the dream depends on this.

  • you yourself - dreams of the madness of a loved one;
  • mother - to melancholy or stagnation in business;
  • deceased mother - a pleasant surprise;
  • father - to disappointment in the profession;
  • deceased father - to increase income;
  • grandmother - to difficulties in communicating with loved ones;
  • deceased grandmother - to prosperity and prosperity;
  • grandfather - to spend time with friends;
  • deceased grandfather - to moral and physical fatigue;
  • brother - to receive material benefits in real life;
  • sister - to a fleeting love adventure;
  • daughter - an invitation to a concert;
  • son - the need to help parents financially;
  • husband - to steal valuable things from the dreamer;
  • ex-husband - to a new interesting project;
  • wife - to unfavorable changes soon;
  • ex-wife - to vain expectations;
  • a stranger - to anxiety for no reason;
  • boyfriend or girlfriend - to offend relatives;
  • colleague - to a long-awaited acquisition;
  • neighbor - to deception or betrayal on the part of loved ones;
  • dead person - to everyday problems.

Where? When?

Of no small importance when deciphering what slot machines mean in dreams is their location in the dream:

  • they were in a casino - excessive irresponsibility can lead to trouble;
  • in the park - it might be worth changing jobs;
  • on the beach - stop relying on intuition, act only after calculating the situation many times;
  • in the forest - an influential patron or sponsor will soon appear;
  • at home - it’s time to take a fresh look at your life, get rid of unnecessary things, bad habits and engage in self-improvement;
  • in a hospital or school - plan your time wisely, you spend it on stupidity and nonsense;
  • found a one-armed bandit in a transport - get ready for an interesting trip, a promising business trip;
  • slot machines appeared in the office - to financial profit.

Visiting a casino in a dream

Even if you just walked around the casino in a dream and watched others play, this vision speaks of your desire to diversify your drab everyday life. Dream books believe that soon after such a dream you will have the chance to have fun in good company.

It is believed that if you decide to play slot machines, then it will be better for you to lose money than to receive it from the administration of the gambling establishment. Interpreters unanimously declare that such dreams are shapeshifters.

The bigger the win you can dream of, the worse. In reality, you risk incurring losses and becoming very disappointed in the person you trusted. If you dreamed of losing, then in reality you should win.

In a dream, you won, but your employees are dragging their feet on paying the money? You will encounter similar troubles in reality. Your friend won’t repay the debt, your boss will delay your salary, or won’t give you the bonus you were hoping for.


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