Why do you dream about bushes? Dream Interpretation Bushes

Shrub according to the English dream book
What does it mean if you dream of a Shrub:

Lucky is the one who sees boxwood in a dream!

This dream promises a long and calm life in a happy marriage, a large and friendly family that will comfort you in old age.
Shrub according to Miller's dream book
If you dreamed of a Shrub:

In a dream, getting tangled up in the bushes means that your sworn enemies are weaving cunning networks around you, slandering you and bearing false witness.

After such a dream, you must prepare your spirit for trials.

But if you successfully get out of the bush, then this is a sign of good help that will come to you from friends in time.
Shrub according to Hasse’s dream book
Why did you dream about Shrub:

Green and flowering bushes - your sympathy will be mutual.
Shrub according to the French Ancient Dream Book
Dreaming of a Shrub, why:

If you dreamed of a bush, then in reality you will face obstacles, overcoming which you will gain fame, wealth and a significant position in society.

If in a dream you were hiding in a bush, then imminent danger awaits you.
Shrub according to the Newest Dream Interpreter
Why do you dream of a Shrub, interpretation of the dream:

Shrubs: - all kinds of foreshadow an obstacle in our affairs.

Hiding in the bushes: - inevitable death.
Bushes according to Maly Velesov’s dream book
Dreaming of Bushes, why:

Success in business or obstacle in business.

Getting lost in the bushes: - impending danger.

Bushes according to the Dream Book From A to Z

Seeing green bushes means that your sympathy will be reciprocated.

If you find yourself in thorn bushes and cannot get out of there, it means that your ill-wishers want to lure you into a trap, for which they present false information.

In reality you should be more vigilant and careful.

Uprooting a bush is a sign of good help, which you will receive from friends in a timely manner.

Seeing bushes uprooted is a harbinger of trouble, because both official affairs and personal circumstances will undergo changes in a negative direction.

Cutting down dry bushes foreshadows the onset of illness and sadness in the soul and heart.

Seeing wild rosemary bushes means that you will soon meet an old friend whom you have not seen for ages.

Seeing basil thickets foreshadows misfortunes caused by secret enemies.

Barberry bushes predict a change in business and new impressions.

If you find yourself in a blackberry bush during the berry season: in reality you will succumb to temptation, which may be followed by the most serious complications.

Seeing myrtle portends love and family well-being.

Juniper: - to the deceased.

A dry juniper bush burning in a fire: - defeat your enemies, plunging them into dust.

Seeing rosehip bushes means that in real life you will be deceived in your best feelings.

Bushes with pink flowers mean happiness in marriage, with white ones - mental suffering for a loved one.

Bushes with fruits foretell that you will marry a wealthy and independent person.

Dream Interpretation: Why do you dream about Planting?

Planting in a dream - Do you dream that you are planting something in the ground? This is a good sign. Seeing other people planting plants - a dream suggests that in reality it is difficult for you to find a common language with colleagues, relationships in the team are not going well at all. Planting roses in a dream means problems that you will create for yourself. If you dreamed about planting something , it means that in reality you have high hopes for your spouse or children. However, there is no guarantee that your expectations will be met. If in a dream it was not you who was put in, but you, meaning in a carriage or carriage, then you have to wait for the danger that lurks around a dangerous bend. You should be vigilant and beware of unfamiliar people. If in your dream you plant flowers in a garden bed, expect a pleasant acquaintance and romantic relationship soon. The main thing is that the flowers are fresh. If these wonderful plants were white, then it was time to collect the dowry and prepare for the wedding. When you plant green plants in a dream , fate tells you that in the near future you will firmly stand on your feet and achieve recognition and success with your work. It is very good when plants have long and strong roots - this means that you will soon find a reliable place in life. Planting an onion foreshadows the complete defeat of your worst enemies. Planting vegetables is akin to the beneficial qualities of these plants themselves. Such a dream speaks of a happy fate and long life, but on the way to all this, you will have to eat a pound of salt, so it is better to stock up on courage and patience. Cucumbers and tomatoes planted in dreams promise an early pregnancy and a happy family life. The centuries-old trees you plant predict a quick meeting with a wise man. He will be able to give advice that will most likely radically change your destiny. A harbinger of quick wealth is a dream in which you plant a tree, this speaks of an imminent and large profit that will radically change your life. Plant potatoes - soon you will find your own home. Planting potatoes or other vegetables in a dream means solitude, you will have a chance to relax peacefully and think about plans for the future. Planting carrots or beets means longevity and strong friendship. Putting a criminal in prison - a dream suggests that you lack gentleness and tolerance towards the people around you in reality, you are too critical and picky, which makes communication and friendship with you difficult. Planting something in a dream means taking care of your well-being and your home. This is a symbol of nepotism and creating your own home and family. In addition, this is a harbinger of favorable hopes that are destined to come true soon, you just need to be a little patient. When planting beans or beans in the garden , think: it’s time to replenish household supplies. When planting a tree, know that wealth and prosperity await you. Planting a tree or a small seedling yourself - a dream indicates that you are a very promising and successful person in real life, your development and resounding success is only a matter of time. Wilted or dry plants are not a good sign. The same goes for roses. Seating someone on a chair or bench - a dream warns that if you do not stop and stop your extravagance in real life, you risk being left penniless, and even in debt.
Setting up a greenhouse and planting flowers can bring joy not only in dreams, but also in reality. Plant Author of the article: astroson.com 2016-01-14

Planting vegetables is a sign of financial well-being

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book, planting seeds in the ground is a symbol of establishing one’s own well-being. Planting seeds in the ground of crops such as beets, carrots, radishes means an interesting proposition. This could be either a marriage proposal or a profitable job. Fodder beets may mean a futile attempt to make money.

Any dream book can tell you why you dream of planting cabbage: a stable but boring life awaits you. But planting cucumbers means material problems.

Planting plants in a dream

Why do you dream of planting plants? It is believed that this dream primarily promises material well-being, excellent health, peace and quiet in the home.

Why do you dream about Houseplants?

Why do you dream about planting trees?

Why do you dream about Beans?

I dreamed of planting flowers

Planting flowers

If flowers were planted in a dream and immediately began to sprout, then the interpreter promises the implementation of all planned plans. A sleeping person will succeed in everything. The brighter the flowers were in the dream, the better. For people in love, this vision promises a quick marriage, for those who have been married for a long time - the imminent birth of a child.

Planting flowers near your home means you will find happiness with your loved ones.

If the planting was carried out in a greenhouse, then your old dream will soon come true. Just replant it in a pot and you will get a promotion.

What flower did you plant?

If you were able to consider the type of flowers you are planting, then the prediction will be more accurate:

  • tulips - perform a noble deed that will delight the people around you;
    Seeing roses planted in a dream
  • forget-me-nots - a dream promises the resurrection of feelings for a certain person;
  • chamomile - you will be able to boast of excellent health;
  • gladioli - you will be invited to visit, where you will be able to reveal all your talents;
  • roses - well-being in the family.

Opinions of interpreters

According to the dream book, planting plants in the ground means that you will be able to realize all your plans. How their implementation will occur often depends on what the soil was like in the night vision.

Each dream book gives its own individual interpretation, you just have to choose the appropriate one.

Interpreter of Gustav Miller

Miller believed that when you dreamed that you were planting a plant in the ground, then such a dream is very positive for farmers, gardeners, and summer residents. This year you will have an excellent harvest.

Meaning of dreams for farmers

It’s good if such a vision visits you at the beginning of the sowing season.

If you are in no way connected with planting plants in real life, then the vision is a sign of higher powers. You should be more active, and then you will be able to achieve significant results.

Chinese interpreter

Planting a plant in a dream is a good sign. The dreamer will live happily ever after.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

When you planted a plant in a dream, then in reality you are hatching a certain idea.

To understand in which field of activity success awaits you, it is worth considering the dream in more detail and indicating the culture.

Interpreter Tsvetkova

Seeing germinating seeds in a dream

When in a dream you planted anything in the ground, then in reality you are busy improving your material well-being. It's good if you saw the shoots. This means that your plans will succeed.

Dream book of Sigmund Freud. How to interpret a dream about bushes?

Bushes in a dream are a reflection of male genital organs. Planting a bush signifies your desire to change your partner. Digging up a bush is a fear of possible punishment for what you consider obscene and unacceptable in sex. Breaking off or trimming bushes means having a tendency to masturbate.

If a man waters a bush in a dream, in reality he is very proud of his sexual abilities. For a woman, such a dream indicates that she would prefer to live in marriage and have children. A dream about a dried bush means problems with the genital organs or a disease of the genital area.

Hopes and feelings

Modern books write that flowers mean dreams, dreams, feelings and enjoyment of life.
Seeing them and admiring them means good news, carefreeness and a happy pastime. The dream book indicates that planting vegetables or fruit trees means making an effort to get money, the result of some kind of work or activity.

Typically, the type of product and its need indicate what kind of fee you will ultimately receive for your activities.

Planting flowers in a dream means creating conditions for the fulfillment of what your soul needs. You may have to pay for pleasure, including material costs.

Pay attention to what exactly you planted and whether sprouts appeared in your dream.

Why dream of planting flowers such as roses, dahlias, chrysanthemums? These flowers mean the blossoming of feelings, falling in love and personal happiness. The rose is generally considered the queen of flowers, which is given to the best. Planting rose bushes in a dream is a wonderful sign.

Not only will you not lose your head in love, but you will also be able to enjoy this feeling. The rose girl dreams that she will have a talent that will endear her to her fans and will be able to help her express herself.

Planting these beautiful bushes in a dream means love and tenderness. It is possible that you have a special gift to please others, to make others fall in love with you, to please others, and this is wonderful.

If you plant dahlias or chrysanthemums in a dream, you can acquire calm happiness until old age. This dream is favorable for older people and those who want to find a life partner at an advanced age.

Tulips, crocuses and daffodils

Planting early spring flowers in a dream means a hasty decision and quickly passing love. Usually the first spring flowers rarely please the eye for very long. If you planted beautiful and unusual tulips, then soon a feeling of freedom and youthful love will burst into your life. However, the appearance of these flowers warns you against hasty decisions and strong narcissism.

The same thing portends the appearance of daffodils. Most likely, some people will consider you to be a very self-confident person.

The appearance of such dreams foreshadows the birth of a beautiful and healthy son for a pregnant woman.

Replanting indoor flowers means renovation in the house. It is possible that you will make some repairs or purchase some furniture.

If indoor plants are damaged and cannot be saved by any means, then modern books indicate that your efforts will not bear any fruit.

Some sources indicate that the atmosphere of love and tenderness may disappear in the house. Sometimes the meaning of a dream is associated with a disease that can affect all family members. But if the plant has taken root, you will be able to achieve what you want, and the illness will be short-lived.

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