Dream Interpretation of Fleas: Why do women or men dream of Fleas?

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Everything is not so bad, and you should rather rejoice at such a dream than be upset. Its meaning is in most cases positive. Anyone who sees a flea in a dream will never lose money. This dream will inevitably lead you to prosperity, if even now the wind is blowing in your pockets. Moreover, the more fleas there were in the dream, the better.

Flea according to Astromeridian's dream book

Dreaming of fleas are symbols of small vices or shortcomings that are beginning to show their harmful effects in your life. At first, they may appear as minor inconveniences, but dreaming about fleas is a warning that the problems will get worse.

A woman sees fleas in a dream

Why does a woman dream of fleas? A dream about fleas for a woman can show hidden malice in the people around you, which can ruin your life or at least make it very uncomfortable, not immediately, but gradually.

Fleas on a cat

A dream in which you see fleas on cats represents a warning to stop interfering in other people's lives. Even if your intentions are good, you have started to cross the line and expect everyone to listen to your advice and suggestions. Start caring about your own life before you decide to poke your nose into someone else's.

Seeing fleas on a dog in a dream

Why do you dream of fleas on a dog? A flea on a dog's fur that you see in a dream warns you about a person who may be trying his best to insult you. If the flea does not bother the dog, it means that the love of those close to you will remain unchanged, despite the fact that they hear about you. This unshakable trust will help you overcome any problems.

Fleas on a person

A dream in which you see fleas on another person is interpreted by the dream book as a warning that someone is lying to you. You are being manipulated and you don't even know it. Be careful who you trust, and only share your secrets and plans with those you truly trust.

Dreamed of fleas and lice

Seeing lice and fleas on your head or in your hair in a dream is not very pleasant, but the interpretation of the dream promises much happier events. The dream foretells an improvement in your financial situation in real life. Material wealth will not come “from heaven”; sleep should be considered as an increase in potential earnings - a promotion, a more profitable job or opening your own business. If you have been thinking about starting your own business or are looking for a job, now may be the right time.

Why do you dream about a lot of fleas?

As stated in the dream book, if in a dream you see a lot of jumping fleas, it means that in reality you will hear false information. You will eagerly await an answer that could change your life. It could be related to your work or it could be a serious conversation with your partner that will affect your relationship. Someone will give you unverified information that will make you happy too early, and you will begin to believe that your problems are solved.

Dream about catching fleas

Catching fleas in a dream means that good luck will come to you. Soon you will have the opportunity to realize your plans, opportunities for this will appear. Be careful, you don't want to miss this, do you?

Why do you dream of killing a flea?

Why do you dream of fleas according to the dream book? Killing a flea in a dream indicates that you will find the person who is causing most of the problems in your life. This is a vile and evil person who enjoys your torment. If you kill a flea, then you will defeat him and regain control of your life. An alternative interpretation of the dream could be an unexpected financial gain. It could be an inheritance, winning the lottery, or you could even find money on the street.

Seeing in a dream that fleas bite

This dream suggests that you should take care of your health. If you don't change your lifestyle habits, get rid of vices and become more physically active, you won't be able to hope for an easy and carefree old age. If you are bitten by fleas in your dream, it is time to take care of some of the things that are bothering you, otherwise you will have serious problems.

Other dream circumstances

Not a single detail should escape your attention. After all, in matters of dream interpretation there are no major and minor points. And a seemingly insignificant detail can turn out to be decisive.

  • Fleas and ticks are annoyance from the fact that you will receive less reward for your labors than expected. You will cherish plans for revenge.
  • Fleas and lice - in fact, this unpleasant sight carries a good charge in material terms. Your financial situation will stabilize and even improve - you will be happy.
  • Cockroaches and fleas - bad news and minor troubles will follow each other alternately.
  • Bedbugs and fleas are a vile, disgusting feeling of envy, a thirst for revenge, a manifestation of base feelings.
  • Seeing bleeding bites means a struggle with relatives, protracted feuds over the division of an inheritance, which, frankly, is not even worth it. But for all parties involved, the conversation turned to principles.

Why do you dream of a Flea // dream book of I. Furtsev

On a psychological and unconscious level, fleas are associated with dirt, the street, instability, disorder, and envy. How much are you influenced by public opinion? Do you feel envious of the people around you?

Jumping fleas - a dream suggests that envy of someone else's sudden enrichment can greatly hurt. Don't give in to this feeling of power - it is destructive and can lead to the loss of friends. A flea that has bitten you portends quarrels with relatives over an inheritance. You see an artificial flea - on a subconscious level, you are not ready to sacrifice relationships with loved ones, thanks to which money troubles will pass easily and painlessly, without causing disagreements.

Dead individuals

Dead parasites in most dream books foreshadow a worsening financial situation, failures and problems. If dead insects come to life, then the sleeper will find himself in a difficult situation, which will have bad consequences for the person himself and his reputation. An exception is Freud's dream book, according to which dead lice are a solution to problems in the intimate sphere.

It’s up to you to believe or ignore the predictions of your own dreams. However, it will be useful to listen to what your subconscious mind tells you.

Romantic dream book: Flea

  • Fleas in a dream say that in your relationship with your loved one, not everything is as smooth as you think. This is a harbinger of a series of betrayals and disappointments.
  • According to the dream book, fleas on a partner’s body mean the partner’s infidelity.
  • Seeing fleas on yourself means you will have to justify your own actions to your loved one, which will lead to disagreements. Try to put yourself in the position of a partner if you want to maintain the union.
  • Fleas on a dog are interpreted in the dream book as envy over someone else's wealth; to winning the lottery, sudden profit.
  • Fleas on a cat - interference in other people's affairs; the disappointment that follows after painstaking but unpleasant work.
  • Seeing insects and bleeding bites on yourself means an inheritance, financial litigation with relatives; Perhaps they will turn to you for financial assistance.
  • Seeing an artificial flea the size of a natural one is a strong shock, without serious consequences; fate will confront you with a specialist whom you have long dreamed of meeting.

Parasites on the head

The appearance of lice on a person’s head depends on the intentions of the sleeper. For those who are engaged in dishonest deeds, trying to make money at someone else’s expense and deceive others, a dream about lice and nits in the head will be a harbinger of failure and the disclosure of plans. Such a dream is a bad omen for travelers and those preparing to travel, as well as for those planning a major undertaking. If a patient sees such a dream, it foretells him a visit to the doctor and treatment. For everyone else, the interpretation of sleep is favorable and promises a favorable resolution of affairs, a change for the better, a major acquisition or financial well-being.

If a parent sees parasites on his child’s head in a dream, it means that his care and guardianship over the child has become excessive and has crossed all boundaries. This is a sign that the child needs more freedom. Killing lice in children's hair is a serious mistake in parenting.

Flea // Aesop's dream book

The flea is a symbol that is associated with dirt, the street, disorder, and something elusive. The ambiguity of the symbol follows from the proverbs and sayings that people have made about this insect. Seeing a dog in a dream with fleas jumping on it and biting it means envy of someone else’s wealth; to winning the lottery, sudden profit, because of which a friend may suffer. Trying to destroy fleas that are tormenting your pet means forced interference in other people’s affairs; to the disappointment that will follow after painstaking but unpleasant work. Seeing fleas on yourself and bleeding bites from them means an inheritance, financial litigation between you and relatives; Perhaps they will turn to you for financial assistance. Seeing an artificial flea the size of a natural one means that something will greatly shock you, but it will not have serious consequences; fate will pit you against a specialist whom you have long dreamed of meeting.

Scientific background

From a scientific point of view, any dream about blood-sucking parasites does not bode well. Such dreams are clear evidence that a person is very tired and work and everyday life have completely absorbed him, and therefore his consciousness knows no rest. In addition, these dreams may indicate approaching or already developed depression, which appeared against the background of emotional distress and nervous shock.

If such night dreams arise, you should put your thoughts in order. Think about your lifestyle - most likely, something will have to change. Try to get as much rest as possible in the near future and protect yourself from stress. Pay attention to the people with whom you communicate most often. If someone really annoys you or constantly provokes you into conflict, try to stop any contact with him. This way you can quickly restore your peace of mind.

If nothing makes you happy, what is happening around you only depresses you, and unpleasant dreams come every night, then in this case it is advisable to seek help from a specialist - a professional psychologist who is guaranteed to relieve you of fears and obsessions.

In general, try not to take the dream literally. As you can see, even such an unpleasant image as a flea can in some cases be interpreted in a positive way.

What does a dream about a Flea mean according to the Psychological Dream Book

Fleas in a dream are interpreted by the dream book as irritation, and in a dream this is exactly what they mean. There are always people or situations in life that create difficulties for us, or that we feel are parasites, and we need to go through a process of decontamination in order to become free.

We may become aware that we have not been taken care of enough and that people we considered our friends have not been honest with us.

Fleas are a symbol of a type of evil that harms but does not destroy - like, for example, gossip. The dreamer must be aware that he undoubtedly has the opportunity to deal with him.


The more details about the dream you remember, the more accurately you can interpret the dream. The type of lice is also important. The division by color is predictable: white insects are a kind of call to action, the implementation of plans and ideas; black - a warning about possible troubles. The appearance of laundry parasites in a dream can be interpreted in two ways. The presence of a pest on clothing, pillows or fabric items foreshadows a successful turn of affairs and financial success. But their presence on the naked human body and in the hair is an unfavorable sign, foreshadowing health problems.

According to another dream book, fabric inhabitants dream of quarrels, squabbles and losses. In the vast majority of dream books, a pubic louse is a bad sign that can warn of quarrels, problems with a partner and loved ones, losses, misunderstandings and loss of dignity. Small parasites portend a stable financial situation that will strengthen over time, and large ones portend unexpected large financial profits and successful business transactions. The more unpleasant sensations pests cause in a dream, the more pleasant feelings you will have in reality.

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