“Why do you see a ticket in a dream? If you see a Ticket in a dream, what does it mean?

Decoding features

What does a torn receipt appear in a dream? The dream book is sure: you should immediately abandon the undertaking you have started, otherwise you will end up with major problems. For a lover to see this image, it means that he will be rejected. Besides:

  • A ticket to a compartment carriage is a change of familiar surroundings.
  • In a reserved seat - overwork, excessive workload.
  • In general – envy, vanity, misunderstanding.
  • In the commodity - good changes, well-being, prosperity.
  • Getting on the train is a hurry.
  • On the metro - routine, boredom.

I dreamed of a train accident

Emergency situations do not mean anything good. Such a dream can have several plots. Depending on the details, the interpretation will differ:

  • A train derailed - many problems have accumulated in life that can lead to depression. It is necessary to deal with them before it is too late.
  • The train in which you are traveling fell off a cliff, which means you will encounter difficulties that will make you worry.
  • Crashed into a car - you will actually get into an accident.
  • If you dream that a train hits a person, one of your loved ones may get sick.
  • If you hit an animal, you will see the suffering of others.
  • Exploded - your important plans will soon be disrupted.
  • Turned over - you have a serious and dangerous enemy who will cause problems.
  • If it catches fire, a big blockage awaits you at work.
  • Crashed into another train - someone will trust you with their secret.
  • Getting hit by wheels means you will soon experience troubles. Perhaps you will be robbed or deceived.

Don't miss the chance!

Why do you dream if in a dream you cannot buy a train ticket? In reality you are afraid of change and commitment. At the same time, the plot hints: you will lose your current position due to independent circumstances.

Did you dream that you were late to buy a reserved seat and the train left? The dream book believes that in reality you will miss your chance.

Why do you dream about a train, depending on its type?

  • One carriage - something seriously threatens you.
  • There are many trains - soon you will go on a trip on which you will have a good rest.
  • A big train means too high ambitions.
  • Empty means you know how to see what others don’t see. This skill can be useful for solving your own problems.
  • Full - someone is jealous of you.
  • A reserved seat means your social position is at risk.
  • Coupe - soon your financial situation will change for the better.
  • Freight train - in the near future there will be a chance to get rich.
  • Passenger – changes in communication. Perhaps you will meet someone, or, conversely, stop communicating.
  • Freight - an important decision will soon have to be made.
  • Fast - you may be overtired at work.
  • Old - soon you will have to organize an event yourself.
  • Long-distance train – fast prospects for the next few years.
  • White is a harbinger of a wedding (yours or someone close to you).
  • Red is a frivolous novel.
  • Handsome - for good events.
  • Ugly is a sign that you need to deal with your insecurities.
  • Stolypinsky – nostalgia for the past.

Come back!

Why do you dream if you happen to lose your train ticket? In reality, decide to get rid of unnecessary things and obligations. Losing your travel card warns you that you will soon have to go to court.

Did you have to lose and find a ticket in a dream? In reality, the situation will be shaken, but thanks to the measures taken it will return to its original state.

Losing a train ticket irretrievably is bad. The dream book believes that you will lose something significant. If you regularly find tickets at night, then it’s time for you to return somewhere.

“Why do you see a ticket in a dream? If you see a Ticket in a dream, what does it mean?

Eastern dream book

Why do you dream about a Ticket in a dream according to the dream book?

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If you buy a train or plane ticket, it means that you are tired of the routine of everyday life and are striving for change.

A dream in which you buy a ticket to a performance with your own hands indicates that sometimes you are inclined to commit reckless acts.

Newest dream book

In a dream, why do you dream about a Ticket?

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A ticket means illness, and the greater the total amount of money, the more problematic recovery will be.

Transport ticket - for travel, business trip; danger of contracting the disease.

Bank notes are a sign of illness, and the greater the total amount of money, the more problematic recovery will be.

Combined dream book

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Any ticket you dream about is a lack of information necessary for you.

Lottery ticket - your kindness will not be appreciated.

Losing a ticket in a dream means you will go to court in the near future.

Modern dream book

Find out what it means if you dream about a Ticket?

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Any ticket is a delay in information favorable to you.

Lottery ticket - your kindness and generosity will not be answered with gratitude.

An invitation to a funeral is a call for caution; a wedding invitation is a future pleasure; any other ticket is a waste of time and money.

Losing a ticket means you will soon go to court.

Dream Interpretation 2012

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Ticket - the need to be careful at any gathering.

Dream book of the 21st century

Why did you dream about the Ticket in a dream?

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If you dreamed about a permanent ticket (subscription) for public transport, it foretells a calm and monotonous life.

If in a dream you are given an invitation card to some event, in reality you will meet an interesting person.

A ticket to the theater and cinema foretells you a pleasant pastime.

Seeing a lottery ticket in a dream indicates that if your generosity is insincere, then you will not receive in return what you expected.

Dream Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

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A lottery ticket means unpredictability. This dream foretells that soon you will have to rely only on luck.

If in this dream you feel calm and joyful self-confidence, good luck promises to accompany you.

Excessive excitement from winning or losing is most likely an indication of empty excitement.

A transport ticket in a dream is a premonition of some changes in your life. The meaning of the dream depends on what type of transport the ticket is for.

A theater or cinema ticket is not a very good sign. After such a dream, you should be careful with those around you; perhaps someone will try to mislead you, or you will become a victim of your own illusions.

If at the same time you pay money for a theater or cinema ticket, the matter may end in some losses for you.

Finding yourself on transport without a ticket is a sign of your lack of confidence in your own abilities and the possible collapse of your plans.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of January, February, March, April

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Buying a ticket for a compartment carriage or holding it in your hands is a sign of your guardian angel praying for you for a long life.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of September, October, November, December

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A compartment ticket means a change in familiar surroundings.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Why see a Ticket in a dream?

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If you dreamed of a lottery ticket, this indicates that the generosity you have shown will not find reciprocal gratitude.

If in a dream you buy such a ticket, losses await you; if you find it, you will win something.

If the ticket you saw in a dream is a counterfeit ticket for some performance or event, you will have to incur useless expenses.

Buy a ticket to the theater, circus, etc. - Beware of deception and refrain from it yourself.

An usher seen in a dream foretells worries associated with some kind of interest.

Standing in line at the ticket office means that you will have to suffer from the people you will help.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

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Ticket - favorable delay of news; to lose means going to court.

Universal dream book

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It's not the ticket itself that's important, but what it serves - what event or event did you gain access to?

Was the ticket a gift or did you have to pay for it? Do you feel special, chosen or just one of the crowd?

Perhaps the ticket is a symbol of punishment, such as a ticket with a fine for speeding or parking in a prohibited place.

Or is it a return ticket - which indicates that it is time to return somewhere, since you have been away for quite a long time?

Esoteric dream book

Meaning of the dream: Ticket according to the dream book?

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A transport ticket means unnecessary fuss and hassle.

At a spectacular event, you will soon get tired of chatter and unnecessary conversations.

Lose - get rid of unnecessary things, throwing them away.

Erotic dream book

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The dream in which you buy a ticket means that your dissatisfaction with your partner is growing and you are inclined to look for new love.

And if you got a ticket by chance, without the intention of going anywhere, it means that your insincerity will push your loved one away from you.

Online dream book

Meaning of the dream: Ticket according to the dream book?

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A ticket, according to the dream book, is a sign that you do not know something very important.

More interpretations

The dream in which you lost him foreshadows disputes and litigation.

A travel document is a dream before a trip and also portends the possibility of becoming infected with something.

Buying it in a dream means you urgently need to change your lifestyle, otherwise everything can get cold. Buying it from resellers means rash actions.

Traveling in public transport without it means you will lose confidence in yourself and your success.

A ticket to a concert is usually dreamed of before an interesting meeting or entertainment.

Seeing a lottery in a dream means that in life you will not receive gratitude for your participation.

If you dreamed of a bank ticket, expect health problems, and the larger the amount, the more significant these problems will be.

Seeing a theater ticket in a dream means holidays and special events, exciting activities are coming.

If you dream of a travel ticket, then this is a sign of promising projects; if you are looking for a job, then your search will not be in vain.

You dream of buying a ticket to leave or fly somewhere - you are tired of everyday hassles, a vacation and changes in everyday life are urgently needed.

Buying a ticket to a performance just before it starts means that you are prone to desperate actions with a large amount of adventurism.

Buying a train or plane ticket in a dream means necessary changes in life, a desire for bright events, adventures, new opportunities and impressions.


In a dream, were you lucky enough to get into a vehicle with a ticket? Your wish has been noted and will soon come true. It's good for a woman to get on the train. The dream book predicts an unusual acquaintance with a rich admirer. For men, it promises successful progress in their endeavors.

Did you dream that you decided to travel without the necessary document? In reality, do something unexpected even for yourself. Have you ever traveled to distant lands without paying? Confidence and determination will be the key to success.

Seeing that you have to travel without a ticket and hide from the controllers means that an invisible danger is hanging over you.

Seeing you off on the train in a dream

A person may have a dream in which he is accompanying someone to the station, or they are seeing him off. This is a frequently encountered plot, the interpretation of which may vary depending on the details of the dream:

  • To see off a person in triumph means that you will face material difficulties that will be accompanied by a spiritual crisis.
  • If you wave your hand at the train, you will have to face troubles in your personal life or at work.
  • A deceased person is accompanying you - remember what he told you during his lifetime. Perhaps some of his words can be of support to you at this time.
  • Seeing your parents off on the train means loss of property. You may lose something or get robbed.
  • Seeing your husband off means that you will have to make a decision in a difficult situation.
  • Putting friends on a train is a dream that means a strong connection with these people in life. But if you cried at the same time, it means that you will soon find yourself in a terrible situation, the way out of which will be difficult to find.
  • Seeing off your sister or brother means a family scandal will soon brew.

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