Dream Interpretation Ironing: why do women or men dream about ironing?

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A person who dreams of an iron will want to know what kind of symbolism such a dream carries. In various dream books, such night dreams are interpreted differently. So, why do you dream about an iron? After reading the information provided below, this issue will no longer be a mystery. Every person can dream about an iron. However, it is important to remember the details and some minor features of such a dream in order to interpret it correctly. Various dream books will help with this.

Miller's Dream Book

In this dream book, an iron used to iron clothes is a harbinger of some changes in the life of the sleeping person’s relatives. If you have to purchase an ironing device, then this is a great success in achieving the goals that the dreamer sets for himself. Miller's collection mentions that such a dream is a kind of symbol of change, so it is better to be fully prepared for it. Getting burned with an iron in a dream is a harbinger that people around you perceive the dreamer somehow incorrectly. To solve this problem, you need to find the exact reason for such reticence. So, a dream is a kind of signal for action.

Miller’s dream book mentions why a broken iron is dreamed of: emotional distress. Years spent aimlessly are what the sleeper worries about most. If a married person sees such a dream, then he needs to think about how much time he spends with his significant other. In this case, the dream is just a light warning, because the main thing is to prevent the conflict in time.

Seeing a brand new iron in a dream means further development of family relationships. In this case, the dreamer needs to analyze the situation and also listen to all family members in order to exclude any outbreak of quarrels.

Dream interpretation of ironing a wedding dress

Interpretation of the dream of a wedding dress in Miller's dream book

If a girl dreams of a well-tailored, beautiful white wedding dress without a veil, representatives of the opposite sex will admire her, but only if she did not wear it.

Seeing yourself in a white wedding dress in the mirror is an ambiguous symbol. On the one hand, this is the personification of spiritual purification, insight, and on the other hand, it can foreshadow celibacy, especially if there was no groom nearby in the dream.

Seeing yourself in a wedding dress and veil next to a deceased person is a bad sign, a threat of death.

Wearing a wedding dress in a dream as everyday clothes, for example, coming to work in it, means condemnation in society.

Running somewhere in a wedding dress - such a dream warns an unmarried girl that her desire to get married as quickly as possible will end in an unhappy personal life.

For a pregnant woman, seeing herself in a wedding dress is a reflection of her worries about the successful outcome of the birth, and nothing more. In this case, the dream of a wedding dress and veil on oneself (the last attribute is not required) is only a symbol of a new important milestone that took place in her life.

Trying on a wedding dress in a dream can be an indication of the appearance of a rival in love.

A red wedding dress is dreamed of as a reflection of the desire for positive changes in one's appearance. For example, if an unmarried girl dreamed of a red wedding dress, which she cannot yet fit into, but sets out to do so, then in real life this girl will achieve her goal in love, no matter what the cost.

A pink wedding dress symbolizes a new romantic acquaintance.

If you dreamed of someone wearing a black wedding dress, you will be disappointed in love.

Seeing a black wedding dress on yourself in a dream means a fatal mistake in love.

A green wedding dress appears in a dream as a sign of hope, the fulfillment of desires regarding the personal life of the sleeping person.

If a man dreamed of his wife in a brown or beige wedding dress, then he should try to stabilize his nervous system, since this could ultimately disrupt the fairly stable psyche of his wife.

A yellow wedding dress foretells infidelity in a future marriage.

Wearing a blue wedding dress in a dream means good luck in love. In addition, a blue wedding dress indicates an extremely dreamy nature.

A blue wedding dress can have two meanings in a dream. Firstly, this suggests that the sleeping woman (or the one who was wearing a blue wedding dress in your dream) very carefully plans everything that concerns not only everyday life and work activities, but also her personal life. And secondly, this color may indicate that this lady has a “skeleton in the closet”, which she hides very carefully.

If in your dream there is an unfamiliar woman in a wedding dress, then someone’s marriage will have a strong impact on your life, perhaps even radically change it.

Why do you dream about a wedding dress, Vanga’s dream book

A white wedding dress, seen by itself, represents big changes in the life of the sleeping person.

If you dream of wearing a wedding dress, this is a bad dream, something bad will happen.

It’s especially bad if you dreamed that you were dancing in a wedding dress.

However, seeing yourself in a wedding dress in front of a mirror on the eve of a real wedding is a meaningless dream that reflects the bride’s usual excitement.

I dreamed of a black wedding dress - to future widowhood.

Buying a wedding dress in a dream means reconciliation with your loved one (if you haven’t worn or tried it on).

If you dreamed about buying a wedding dress on Sunday, then the sleeping woman will have a new boyfriend.

Choosing a wedding dress and putting it on for fitting is a sign of strong envy of a woman you know well, perhaps a friend.

If the bride dreams that she had a chance to try on a wedding dress in the presence of the groom, then some sudden circumstances may interfere with this marriage.

A short wedding dress symbolizes a short marriage or an imminent breakup.

Excessively long - to a protracted situation in your personal life.

Receiving a wedding dress as a gift - such a dream is favorable and speaks of a possible imminent marriage proposal if the dreamer did not put it on or try it on herself.

If a man dreams of a wedding dress, someone is dreaming and dreams of marrying him.

Washing a wedding dress is an attempt to justify yourself, to wash away the stain from your reputation.

If you dreamed of a wedding dress according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

If a married woman dreams of a wedding dress, then she will experience very severe stress in reality.

If an unmarried girl dreams of a wedding dress, she will have to wait a long time for this event in reality.

Walking down the street in a wedding dress is a dream of a new, possibly fateful acquaintance.

If in a dream you are trying on a new wedding dress, then in reality many representatives of the opposite sex will admire you, however, things will not go further than this.

A dirty wedding dress symbolizes condemnation of the actions of a sleeping woman or girl.

Seeing yourself in a red wedding dress in a dream means the appearance of a rival.

If an unmarried girl dreams of a very long and picky choice of a wedding dress, then in reality she will be left with nothing, having lost all her fans.

Seeing a (young) daughter in a wedding dress is a harbinger that the sleeping person may not live to see this day in reality.

But if you dreamed of a daughter in a wedding dress on the night before fasting, then she will be very happy in her future marriage.

Why do you dream about a wedding dress - Hasse’s dream book

For an unmarried girl, a white wedding dress and veil appear in a dream to signify a new love. It's best if this outfit was on a hanger or on a mannequin.

It is unfavorable for such a girl to try on a white wedding dress in a dream; in this case, her personal life will be under big question for a long time.

For a married woman, seeing herself in a wedding dress is also not very good. After such a dream, she may quarrel with her husband or get sick.

A wedding dress bought in a dream foreshadows a rash, frivolous act.

Seeing an unfamiliar woman in a wedding dress means the appearance of a rival (a dream for women).

If a woman in a wedding dress dreams of her teenage daughter, then the girl may lose her virginity or find herself in a very dangerous situation.

Seeing a wedding dress on a younger daughter in a dream means her illness.

If a girl dreams of her mother's wedding dress, she will be proposed to.

Why do you dream about a wedding dress - esoteric dream book

To be in a beautiful wedding dress in a dream means drastic changes in life.

Walking down the street in a wedding dress means that you will be appointed head of some public event.

Trying on a wedding dress in a store is a dream of resentment from your loved one.

If the sleeping woman bought it, they will separate.

A dream in which a girl was given a wedding dress foreshadows deception.

Looking for a wedding dress in a dream means following someone’s lead out of pity.

If you fail to find it, they will laugh at your feelings.

Ironing a wedding dress in a dream means hiding your past.

Why do we dream about wedding dresses, Longo’s dream book

For a married lady, a wedding dress that appears in a dream portends tears, a seal, and regret.

If a young girl dreamed that she was wearing a wedding dress to walk down the aisle, then there will be no clarity in her personal life for now.

A wedding dress covered in blood symbolizes a breakup with a loved one, which the sleeping woman will experience very hard.

Seeing someone else's wedding dress on yourself is a sign of a situation where you overhear someone's very important conversation, but will be forced to hide this fact.

Sewing yourself a wedding dress from a material that is completely inappropriate for this (for example, paper) is a sign of a very happy marriage.

Why do you dream about wedding dresses - a modern dream book

If in a dream an unmarried young girl was wearing a wedding dress, then in real life she will soon meet her future groom.

Wearing someone else’s wedding dress in a dream (for example, a friend’s or sister’s) means a quarrel.

Sewing a wedding dress for someone means running into a rival or learning about her.

If in a dream a girl had two wedding dresses in front of her and she could not choose one of them, then in reality she will make a mistake in choosing a candidate for her hand.

I bought a wedding dress and it was stolen - they would take me away and beat off the applicant for my hand and heart.

If you dreamed that the wedding dress was too small, you would choose an unworthy groom.

A girl who has too high demands in her personal life dreams of a wedding dress that is too big.

If a guy dreams of a wedding dress, someone dreams of going to the altar with him as soon as possible.

Modern dream book

The appearance of an iron in a dream is not always interpreted in the same way, so it is important to remember the details of the dream. If a sleeper has to purchase this household appliance in his night dreams, this means that in reality the dreamer is not entirely satisfied with his life. It is in the modern dream book that there are references to why an iron is dreamed of. It also says that the sleeper, if he is visited by such dreams, needs to change something in his life. Wishes should come true if you put in more effort.

Receiving an iron as a gift is a symbol that the person sleeping in reality will be able to restore a lost relationship with someone they know. But if in a dream, on the contrary, you have to give this household item, then in the dreamer’s life there will be a long trip in the company of some not particularly pleasant person.

Freud's Dream Book

It is also mentioned in this dream book why an iron is dreamed of. If you see this household appliance in your night dreams, then the dreamer is planning a serious love relationship. However, seeing a red-hot iron is a bad sign, since the person sleeping may undeservedly offend a person in the near future. Therefore, you need to carefully select your words in reality if such a dream visits one of the people. Also, a heated iron foreshadows the dreamer that he may fall under the influence of uncontrollable emotions, and this is always fraught with negative consequences in real life. If you do not heed this warning dream, then conflict and separation will visit the dreamer’s real life in the near future.

However, why do you dream about a cold iron? Interpreters claim that this dream is considered a symbol of the fact that misunderstandings on the part of relatives await the dormant person. You just need to pay more attention to your loved ones.

Loff's Dream Book

Most often, people who are overly concerned about everyday problems see an iron in their night dreams. This is especially true for housewives who, due to constant housework, are forced to often ask: “Why does a woman dream about an iron?” In this case, you need to think about the last time the young lady had a good rest. A little entertainment and bright events are the main cures for everyday worries.

If in a dream you have to iron other people’s things, then in real life the dreamer will find himself in a conflict situation. He can either defend his name in a quarrel, or simply submit to his unpleasant acquaintance. So the dream is a warning.

However, as mentioned above, it is women who should seriously think about why they dream of an iron. Perhaps this is just a signal that you need to relax more in life.

Interpretations by Terenty Smirnov

The dream interpreter, also known as the Wanderer, assures that night dreams about ironing and ironing most often have a good meaning. If the sleeper is currently going through a difficult period, he can resist tuning in to the fact that the streak of failures will soon end. A calm attitude towards problems will lead to them more likely to look like a stack of ironed linen. The meaning also depends on the details of the plot. Options for what a dream can predict:

  • to see yourself ironing clothes - it’s time to rethink your life and understand what you should pay more attention to;
  • looking at things that have to be ironed out - in reality the person will be distressed because of the large amount of work;
  • iron outerwear - make sure that the chosen path is wrong;
  • detecting folds and creases on ironed items - fear of making mistakes in work;
  • ironing a lot of clothes and discovering that they have disappeared means unnecessary worries.

The meaning of sleep depending on the color of things:

  • white - a glimmer of hope, for the patient - a speedy recovery;
  • black - despondency, worry about the future, another meaning - the desire to organize and control your life;
  • blue - craving for solitude, fatigue;
  • green - persistence in achieving your goals;
  • red - the dreamer craves bright impressions, but instead has to deal with routine.

Ironing clothes in a dream

Dreams in which you have to iron things with an iron can be interpreted differently. Therefore, it is recommended to remember dreams in all details. And yet, why dream of an iron, which you have to iron a suit or dress? Such a dream has a double meaning. Firstly, this is a sign that a quick acquaintance with a potentially loved one is approaching. And secondly, this dream will mark a sharp change of place of work.

If the sleeper ironed the bed sheets in his night visions, then this is a symbol of a rich feast. Also, soon a large company of guests will visit the dreamer in reality. Positive emotions will accompany this fun holiday. So, the dream also carries positive symbols.

Ironing your own clothes is a favorable sign, promising the sleeper a win or receiving a large sum of money as a bonus at work.

If a woman was burned by an iron in her night visions, then groundless jealousy will take over her heart. Burning clothes is a symbol that she will actually have a serious rival in reality.

Why do you dream of ironing a dress?

Ironing something in a dream is a fairly positive sign; there will be improvements in business, and pleasant changes await a person in his personal life. However, if the item was burned with an iron, then the sleeper should prepare for trouble.

What if you dream about ironing?

Ironing snow-white linen in a dream means that in reality a person will experience positive changes, both at work and in his personal life. For a young girl, such a dream promises a meeting with a good guy who will subsequently propose marriage to her.

If a woman stroked her wedding dress in a dream, then happiness awaits her in family life. Burning it means breaking up with the groom, forgetting the iron on things, but discovering that everything is fine with her means an unexpected proposal.

Seeing your wife burn her favorite blouse means a quarrel with her, so it’s better not to find fault with her, but to praise her for her diligence and love.

If in a dream you cannot iron a thing, then in reality a person will not have time to complete his business, as a result of which he will have serious problems. Trying to fix an iron in order to iron a weekend suit is a dubious offer, so it is better not to accept them, but you can refuse them, citing being busy.

If a woman irons her laundry with a cold iron and is surprised that it is still wrinkled, then in reality the situation in her family is not very good. In this case, she should show more patience with her husband and try to praise him more often, even over trifles.

If a woman or girl dreams that she is ironing her going-out dress, then she will soon move to a completely different city. Perhaps she will be offered a job there, or she will have to do this at the insistence of her husband. Or maybe the dreamer will get her own home.

Ironing dirty linen means negative changes and problems; perhaps the unsightly past of the sleeper will come to light. Also, such a dream can promise gossip, which will be invented by careless colleagues who are jealous of the dreamer. Ironing someone else's underwear means a date; burning it means a scandal with a stranger.

If a woman dreamed that while ironing her clothes the light went out and she didn’t have time to iron even half of it, then such a dream promises her confusion in her business. Perhaps her boss will dump a ton of work on her and then accuse her of being sluggish.

Or maybe her husband will be angry with her, and the dreamer will not know why.

What does it portend?

When thinking about why you dream of ironing, you should look at the interpretation of this symbol in several dream books, perhaps you will be able to find the answer there. Miller is of the opinion that good changes await a person, and Hasse advises to be more attentive to your significant other.

Dr. Freud recommends that a person pay attention to the last years of his life, perhaps there he will find the cause of his melancholy. After he does this, luck will smile on him.

If you believe the modern dream book, then the dreamer will receive a promotion, and according to the Ukrainian dream book - family happiness. Tsvetkov portends a pleasant time with the family.

The wanderer's dream book promises a family idyll and happiness with a loved one, but if the laundry was burned, then you should be wary of a scandal out of the blue. But it can be avoided, you just need to show more patience to your soul mate.

Ironing a black wedding dress means tears; perhaps the dreamer’s husband will die. For a man, such a dream is a harbinger of a series of very strange and unpleasant events that will jeopardize his good name, which he has so protected for many years.

Ironing in a dream is a fairly good omen; in reality, a person will be lucky and will be able to get a promotion. But if after such a dream there is an unpleasant aftertaste, then it should be told to the water, then it will not come true, which means there will be no reason for concern.

Why do you dream of ironing? Dream books offer different interpretations. What you see in a dream can mean the following: the successful completion of undertakings, the cessation of disagreements, the appearance of a mistress with your husband, a romantic meeting, inner peace. Try to remember as many details of the dream as possible in order to correctly decipher it.

Don't get bogged down in troubles

You may dream of ironing things if there are no storms in the house, where comfort and peace will reign. Matters will be resolved slowly but surely, which will provide an opportunity to deal with secondary issues.

At times, such a plot is identified with the dreamer’s everyday reality. The dream book recommends bringing a little variety to life, getting out of your comfort zone.

If the linen in a dream was clean, the sleeper will sort out his inner world. If he is dirty, he will be overcome by all sorts of worries.

Personal life

Girls often ask why they dream of ironing? Such a vision promises her a happy marriage.

If a woman irons a dress in a dream, in reality she will have a rival, and in order to get rid of her, she will have to make an effort.

In a dream you were ironing clothes - the dream book speaks of a quick acquaintance with a person whose interests coincide with yours.

If the dreamer was ironing her dress, then happiness is preparing to look into your life.

Brief interpretations

Try to remember what exactly you had to iron:

  • your things - the likelihood of winning money;
  • underwear - it’s worth trying something new in bed;
  • bed linen - the dream book promises cheerful guests with whom you can have a good time;
  • colleagues - you need to strengthen your position in the team;
  • dress - moving is possible;
  • home clothes - soon make peace with your loved one;
  • creases on trousers - the owner is a very straightforward person;
  • a piece of fabric - the dream book advises to establish useful connections;
  • if a man irons a shirt, then a romantic meeting is planned.


If you happened to iron your trousers in a dream, this is a signal from the subconscious. Most likely, you have a bad habit of being stubborn when it comes to compromise. Believe me, pettiness has never helped anyone in life.

If you dreamed that you were ironing a shirt, then dream books warn about concessions that will have to be made for reconciliation. This way you will show yourself as a reasonable person, capable of constructive dialogue. Don't worry, you will definitely get yours.

Weather in the house

Why dream of ironing and getting burned? According to the dream book, you will soon receive an injection of jealousy. Don't let these negative emotions control you. Suspicions may be unfounded, and relationships will be spoiled by mistrust.

The iron is an important household item. It helps a person look neat and tidy. But it is also fraught with danger if you do not follow the rules for using it. You can drop it, get hurt, get burned. But why do you dream about an iron? Does his appearance in a dream promise trouble or, on the contrary, signal some kind of joy?

A variety of dream books gives a varied number of interpretations of dreams involving an iron. Seeing an iron means meeting a person who does not shine with intelligence, or a desire to diversify your life.

Seeing a hot, red-hot iron - expect shame and criticism. If you used it in a dream, then most dream books predict not very favorable sleep outcomes:

  1. To criticism, moralizing, assault.
  2. The desire to get rid of chaos in life, work and head.
  3. The desire to create a better impression than it is.

Seeing a broken iron for a woman means a complaint to herself, a desire to change everything, to get rid of the monotony of days. A dream where a new working unit burned out promises failure in family or work affairs, which will change relationships with the environment.

Intentions to repair it call for prudence in reality.

Modern dream book

The modern dream book speaks of the sleeper’s dissatisfaction and unfulfilled dreams. Buying a device calls for bringing your thoughts into proper form; you will have to carefully prepare for a decisive action.

  • The dream book interprets ironing clothes with an iron as dependence on a person. Worry about him.
  • Receiving a unit as a gift promises an improvement in relations with the giver. Giving a steam iron as a gift means a difficult journey with a dangerous person is approaching.
  • Why does a woman dream about an iron? The dream book’s explanations include impending troubles at home or at work.

Other dream details

If in a dream a person sees a working iron, then this symbol personifies some heavy thoughts that torment the sleeper in real life. Also, such a dreamer is full of doubts that do not allow him to live in peace. Therefore, it is recommended to free yourself from these thoughts as quickly as possible. Making a decision and getting rid of problems is the guarantee that sleeping with an iron will no longer torment a person. The main thing is not to harm strangers and loved ones.

A dream in which an iron engulfed in flame appears is considered a good symbol. Such night dreams foreshadow the fulfillment of a long-awaited dream for the dreamer. It is precisely these favorable events that a flaming iron can be seen in a dream.

A dream in which the sleeper sees an iron burnt out during ironing is not a favorable symbol. This is a sign that the sleeper will face troubles in the near future, namely various household matters. Only housework will not bring him any pleasure or benefit. But the dreamer in reality will spend a lot of energy.

Ironing a wedding dress

It means settling certain matters and issues.
If you iron home clothes: this portends a quick reconciliation in the family.

Ironing a business suit: a sign that it’s time for you to improve your image and change the opinions of your colleagues for the better.

Arrows on trousers: a symbol of the best masculine qualities, determination and directness.

If the iron is cold: this indicates difficulties in solving problems; it seems that you lack mental energy and warmth.

A hole burned by an iron: suggests in a dream that you risk overdoing your zeal and harming yourself with excessive emotions.

At the same time, a hole in home clothes often indicates adultery.

Getting burned with an iron: a sign that your attempts to correct the situation may cause you suffering.

If a girl dreams of a well-made dress, it means that she will be admired by members of the opposite sex.

Her dream of a torn dress foretells that her lover will condemn her actions.

Trying on a dress symbolizes the appearance of a rival in love.

If in a dream a girl watches her figure in order to wear the dress that she likes, this means that she will achieve reciprocal feelings from the person with whom she is in love.

If a young woman dreams of an elegant, well-tailored blouse (or dress), everyone will admire her manners and intelligence.

If her dress is torn and shabby, she will be condemned for unseemly actions.

Trying on a blouse or dress in a dream means unexpected rivalry in love.

But if a woman dreams that she is watching her figure in order to buy a dress she likes, she will get rid of her rival and achieve the love of her chosen one.

Paying in a store for purchases made - such a dream foreshadows that in reality you will incur significant expenses on unforeseen items of the family budget.

Paying bills - in reality you will be disappointed in your relationship with your chosen one.

Avoid paying utility bills, etc. - in reality, you will get out of a difficult and delicate situation with cunning.

If you pay someone for a service provided or work performed, you will find yourself in a position where they will demand too much from you.

Paying off your debts in a dream means that in reality you will be able to avoid many troubles.

Receiving correspondence by cash on delivery in a dream foreshadows opposition in your endeavors from envious people.

Paying a fine means illness and financial losses.

For a woman to see herself in a black dress in a dream means having a stupid and insolvent husband.

A dream in which a woman sees her dress flying away means that someone is slandering her, telling her husband or chosen one something false and dirty, discrediting her dignity.

By the cleanliness and whiteness of the dress, you can recognize the piety of the husband (the whiter and purer it is, the more pious the husband is, or vice versa).

By the thickness of the dress seen in a dream, a woman can judge her husband’s financial situation (the thicker the material, the richer it is, or vice versa.

Trying on a new beautiful dress means that in reality a pleasant new thing awaits you. Wearing an old, worn dress means meeting an old love. If you felt comfortable in the old dress, the meeting will be pleasant. If you were embarrassed, you saw how old-fashioned it was and didn’t suit you, the meeting is unlikely to make you happy.

Imagine that you are wearing a new elegant dress.

If a young woman saw a beautiful dress in a dream, in reality she will arouse everyone’s admiration.

But a torn dress foreshadows her condemnation for unlawful behavior.

A woman who tries on a dress in a dream will unexpectedly encounter a rival in love. But if she dreams that she has lost weight in order to wear a dress, she will get rid of her rival and achieve the love of her chosen one.

Buying a product, but not seeing how you pay money: portends you some acquisitions, and sometimes profit.

At the same time, to dream that you are giving away money when paying for goods: foreshadows real expenses.

If the atmosphere of the dream is generally favorable and you pay money easily: the dream suggests that your expenses will not be in vain.

You can find out the meaning of sleep more accurately based on what specific product you are paying for.

If you experience unpleasant emotions or difficulties: such a dream warns you against unprofitable deals and monetary losses.

Paying the bill at a restaurant: a sign that disorder in business management can result in losses for you.

For a woman, a dream in which she sees herself in a beautiful, elegant dress portends pleasure and fun.

If the dress is too frivolous, frivolous hobbies may soon turn your head.

A nondescript and too closed dress: a sign that your happiness is hampered by excessive shyness and introverted character.

For a man to see himself in a woman’s dress: foreshadows shame. Perhaps someone will soon doubt his courage.


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