Why do you dream of frozen fish: a girl, a pregnant woman and a man, buy and cook it

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  • General meaning of sleep
  • Who dreamed of frozen fish? To a man
  • To a woman
  • The location of frozen fish in a dream and its meaning
      In a refrigerator
  • On the table
  • In the shop
  • In a bag/diplomat
  • On the marital bed
  • In car
  • In a plate/basin
  • In boxes
  • What was the fish like?
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  • Gold
  • Nautical
  • River
  • Large
  • Shallow
  • Fresh frozen, wrapped in a bag
  • Covered with ice
  • Unusual
  • With the face of a man
  • Headless
  • By appearance
  • The dreamer's actions with frozen fish and their interpretation
  • Catch
  • Steal
  • Defrost
  • Defrost and understand that freshly frozen fish is rotten
  • Keep in hand
  • Cut
  • Feed frozen fish to another person
  • Sell
  • Carry in your hands
  • Cooking from frozen fish
  • Eat frozen fish
  • Throw out of the house
  • Place in the freezer
  • Touch
  • Actions of fish, their interpretation
      Comes to life
  • Talking
  • How do the parts of frozen fish you see affect the interpretation of a dream?
      Gnawed Skeleton
  • Head
  • Fish bones
  • Offal
  • Caviar
  • Why do you dream about a lot of big frozen fish?
  • Interpretations of dream books
      Miller's Dream Book
  • Vanga's Dream Book
  • Freud's Dream Book
  • Modern dream book of N. Stepanova
  • Vedic dream book
  • Maly Velesov dream book
  • Dream Interpretation of Hasse
  • Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation
  • Dream book of the 21st century
  • Esoteric dream book
  • Loff's Dream Book
  • Dream book alphabetically
  • Ukrainian dream book
  • Fish generally dreams of material profit and an addition to the family. This is a good dream leading to prosperity and good luck. But does frozen fish mean frozen profits? The question is logical and very close to the truth.

    Who dreamed of frozen fish?

    For men and women, frozen fish in a dream has different meanings.

    To a man

    Stagnation in life is due to inaction. You have lost interest in everything. It takes a magical surge to change the situation.

    To a woman

    An unfulfilled wish. It's time to step out of your comfort zone, take action and even take risks for the sake of your dreams.

    • If you are lonely, you need to look for the reason for your boring life within yourself. You're just afraid of relationships. You smell like ice, don’t be cold like the fish in your dream.
    • Young - there is a problem in the relationship. Parting may occur with the wording “loss of trust.” Perhaps the partner really is not reliable.
    • For a married woman, fish is a symbol of a rival. It is necessary to clarify the relationship openly, and not to harbor suspicions inside.
    • For a pregnant woman - an alarming sign. Threat of frozen pregnancy or miscarriage. All the closest attention to yourself, your well-being, don’t be nervous and don’t overwork, follow the regime and eat properly, nutritiously.

    Sigmund Freud's version

    This symbol in a dream acts as a kind of brake, which keeps the dreamer’s emotions and feelings under control; in the intimate sphere, it is a pointer to internal complexes and a series of failures. And it is the frozen fish that says - you want to leave, hide safely from this.

    But on the other hand, the fish is the personification of the phallus and promises a woman the appearance of a mistress in a relationship with her partner, and a man, on the contrary, will lose her. Somewhat less often, such a symbol indicates a cooling of sexual desire, frigidity in women and loss of masculine strength in representatives of the stronger half of humanity.

    The location of frozen fish in a dream and its meaning

    It is important where and under what conditions the fish was in your dream.

    In a refrigerator

    Fate will present you with a gift, a pleasant surprise.

    On the table

    You need to change something in your personal life or at work. The choice depends on whether the table was a kitchen table or a work table.

    In the shop

    Business affairs will not turn out for the better. And in ordinary life you will have to return to long-forgotten everyday issues.

    In a bag/diplomat

    You just can’t decide to start an important task. Delay is no longer possible, the time has come to go on the offensive.

    On the marital bed

    Treason has treacherously crept into your home. The secret will become clear, the rival will lay claim to your love. Keep your spirit up.

    In car

    It's time to take stock and get rid of outdated relationships. The dream can concern both personal life and work issues.

    In a plate/basin

    Close people will present you with a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

    In boxes

    Changes in the environment, new acquaintances, useful connections.

    Gustav Miller's opinion

    A fish carcass frozen in a dream is a symbol of loss and sadness, the onset of difficult times of unrest. Also, a vision can predict an illness, and although it will not last long, it will still unsettle you. For a businessman, such a vision acts as a warning - he should reconsider some of his affairs and plans, since without proper correction they may go in the wrong direction.

    Buying frozen fish in a store or at a fish market - a dream promises you complete prosperity in your home and imminent joyful events. But if the carcass does not have a head, exercise maximum caution, since a traitor has appeared in your environment.

    Feeding someone such a fish in a dream marks your victory, the successful solution of all problems, the destruction of enemies and ill-wishers. But to eat such a dish yourself means to soon find out something unpleasant, to receive not the best news in life.

    What was the fish like?

    The external state of the fish, its appearance, influence the content of the dream, its meaning and consequences.


    Great luck, happiness.


    Lack, inferiority, dissatisfaction with sex life.


    Prospects are unreal, horizons are unattainable, golden mountains are false. A dream about deception and disappointment. A goldfish will not fulfill your wishes and will not keep its promises.


    Serious worries and worries.


    Calm and peace in the soul and in the house.


    All problems will develop and be solved on their own. All you have to do is relax and enjoy yourself.


    Low self-esteem, lack of confidence in yourself and the future. Fears and loss of strength.

    Fresh frozen, wrapped in a bag

    Find yourself in a spicy, ambiguous situation, be compromised. The damaged reputation will not be restored soon.

    Covered with ice

    Neglect vital information, simply not notice it.


    Slander and damage.

    With the face of a man

    Natural disasters, natural disasters.


    Deception, betrayal from a person whose trust was boundless.

    By appearance

    If it was clearly indicated what species the fish belongs to, this fact must be taken into account.

    • Ruff - not very significant, but good news.
    • Flounder - depression and illness.
    • Bream is an acquaintance that you will later regret.
    • Carp - success in business. Profitable event, receiving benefits, dividends.
    • Mackerel - competition in love, at work, struggle for power and dominance.

    Unusual stories

    So, what will the dream book tell you? The frozen fish that had the face of a man is a terrifying, chilling sight. But I dream about this too. And such a vision is considered a harbinger of natural disasters and weather changes.

    If a person saw himself feeding someone frozen fish, this is a sign of victory over an enemy or competitor. Gobble it up on both cheeks with gusto? Not good! This means that the dreamer completely forgot about himself, trying to take care of someone else.

    If a young girl saw in a dream how there was a frozen fish in her bed, it means that a rival will appear on her way who wants to ruin her life, or, as they say, beat off the young man. And for an adult married woman, this promises betrayal on the part of her husband. A man who sees frozen fish in bed should also be wary. Since this foreshadows quarrels and conflicts with your beloved that will arise due to the involvement of strangers in their relationship.

    The dreamer's actions with frozen fish and their interpretation

    If in a dream you did not just look at frozen fish, but did something with it, these actions also matter.


    To achieve your goal, you will have to sacrifice something. We have to decide whether the end justifies the means or not.

    • On your own - you are in no hurry to move from plans and intentions to specific actions.
    • Through someone, you will give advice on how best to act to someone else.


    You are closer to fulfilling your dream, but you yourself do not believe in the success of the project, so you are afraid to move on. Continue with your actions and cast aside all doubts.


    Events will not develop according to your scenario. There are disappointments and unrealistic plans ahead.


    The usual course of affairs, the progress of work, the imminent completion of the project. The development of a love affair will stop through no fault of yours.

    Defrost and understand that freshly frozen fish is rotten

    Showdowns with negative consequences. Your business reputation will suffer. Loss of authority.

    Keep in hand

    You are faced with the need to make a choice. All possible options, in your opinion, have the right to life. But you still have to choose only one.


    Parting with profits against your own will. Financial losses.

    Feed frozen fish to another person

    Deception, treachery and deceit of a partner, a person whom you trusted infinitely.


    Change your attitude towards others, you will judge others without noticing your own guilt.

    Carry in your hands

    Your actions will have dire consequences. To offend someone and be held accountable for what they did.

    Cooking from frozen fish

    You will emerge victorious under difficult circumstances and overcome all difficulties.

    Eat frozen fish

    You will hear news that you will not be happy about.

    Throw out of the house

    Fight gossip and slander, defend the honor of your uniform and the reputation of your family.

    Place in the freezer

    Hard times will come, but they will not affect the dreamer.


    Open your eyes to what was already obvious and lay on the surface. Recognize what happened.

    Dream during pregnancy

    For a pregnant woman, a dream about a semi-finished fish product foretells a premature birth of a child. The birth will be successful, the child will be strong and healthy. The mother's health is not in danger.

    Try to avoid bad thoughts. Be on a positive wave, it will help you get through pregnancy easier.

    You can also determine the gender of the unborn child by the breed of the fish you dreamed about. If it is masculine, it will be a boy, and if it is feminine, it will be a girl.

    Often a fish seen in a dream by a pregnant woman symbolizes multiple births. And if she doesn’t know about it yet, she needs to check and find out.

    It is difficult to immediately understand what a dream about a fish portends for a pregnant woman. You need to take into account the details of the dream and the emotions it brought. A dream is a hint; it must be understood and used correctly. Forewarned is forearmed.

    How do the parts of frozen fish you see affect the interpretation of a dream?

    If after a dream certain parts of the fish are imprinted in the consciousness, emphasis should be placed on them in explaining the meaning of the dream.

    Gnawed Skeleton

    Great grief will happen.


    Everything related to amorous affairs will work out just fine. A promising acquaintance, a marriage proposal, an engagement, a wedding, or a renewal of relationships is possible.

    Fish bones

    To be exposed to temptations, to fall under bad influence. Not everything may be in order in the financial sector: overdue loans, debts, fines, etc.


    A bad dream means poverty, a miserable existence, infringement of rights, denial of the most necessary things. A bad streak will begin, failure will follow you on your heels.


    A successful dream foretells fabulous profits.

    • Getting it out is a great time to invest money and start new projects. Things will go uphill, deposits will multiply many times over.
    • Yes - receive an unexpected inheritance, win the lottery, withdraw dividends, make a profitable investment.
    • Treating your friends with it means honor and respect, recognition of your merits, an excellent position in society.
    • To be treated to it - the chance to improve your well-being has arrived. Now it is important not to miss it.

    Things aren't going well

    To fully interpret the night vision, in which a headless fish appears, it is advisable to remember its appearance.

    • You see a frozen headless flounder - minor eye problems.
    • If it is a crucian carp , this is an indication of a minor physical or mental illness.
    • Smoked carp - all your efforts will be successful and bring profit.
    • a bream in your dream promises a wild life and dubious society.

    But red varieties of fish are a pointer to difficulties in implementing plans.

    Interpretations of dream books

    Well-known dream interpreters and collections of dream meanings sometimes contain details that can be missed in a hurry. Some important details may be added to the overall meaning of the dream.

    Miller's Dream Book

    Hard times and losses of all kinds. It will seem to you that life has stopped and the world has turned its back on you.

    Vanga's Dream Book

    Old family problems and chronic illnesses will remind themselves again. All forces will be thrown into the fight against evil.

    Freud's Dream Book

    Complexes are the causes of failure. Because of them, there will be no happiness either in your personal or intimate life. But if the other half asks for another chance, you have to give it.

    Modern dream book of N. Stepanova

    An unpleasant situation or a banal change in weather. This dream could mean a turning point in fate, on which your future will depend.

    Vedic dream book

    Become a victim of false predictions and superstitions. You should not turn to astrologers and psychics after such a dream. You can run into scammers, because during this period you are very naive, gullible and careless.

    Maly Velesov dream book

    Your lack of confidence in your own strengths and abilities leads to the fact that an urgent problem still remains unresolved.

    Dream Interpretation of Hasse

    Avoid risks, they will not lead to anything good. Anything that contradicts the usual way of life should be questioned and thoroughly checked.

    Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

    Forced pause in business. They may have to be shelved. Haste and thoughtless actions can only do harm now.

    Dream book of the 21st century

    The fulfillment of a cherished dream is postponed indefinitely. But you shouldn’t abandon it altogether, nor should you force events, despite the circumstances.

    Esoteric dream book

    Fighting fears, complexes and despair. The search for balance and inner harmony against the backdrop of a precarious position in society.

    Loff's Dream Book

    Stagnation in the emotional sphere. Loss of goals and interest in life.

    Dream book alphabetically

    Problems that have a basis will soon be resolved by the will of fate. Groundless fears and doubts will not be justified.

    A harbinger of negativity

    In most dream books, a fish without a head in a dream carries a negative message. This may promise worsening things, minor troubles, but which you can handle without any problems.

    • But to see a salted ram on your table, and even without a head, someone will actually disturb your usual peace and awaken previously forgotten mental suffering.
    • Seeing it fried means you should expect unpleasant news.
    • Seeing a smoked carcass is a trip that will be somewhat spoiled by an unpleasant event.
    • Seeing a goldfish, and even without a head, means your wishes are not destined to come true.
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